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The cryptocurrency market plunges again on Christmas Day

In 2017, while Bitcoin traded more than $ 14,000 and the market was thriving with demand from all over the world, a similar bear was activated at the time of the Christmas Day trading session, as the market lost about $ 26 billion. However, rising demand pushed up the price and, in less than 15 days, the cryptocurrency market reached its highest estimate of $ 828 billion. However, there have been strong signs of recovery shown by the coins in the last few days that have been activated when the market has reached a total price of $ 100 billion.
With 15% eclipses of the world's largest and most widely recognized cryptocurrency price, they have recently taken bitcoins for the first time to less than $ 5,000 in 13 months. A gift is now at the lowest level since October 2017.

Other criptos have also weakened in the last days. Last December, cryptocurrency reached its all-time high of $ 2000 with highly volatile trading, but fell to $ 14500 at the start of 2018. However, in 2018 bitcoin became progressively surprising for recognized investors. Fidelity Investments announced in December that it was an initiation into a new business for official customers who will shop and hold cryptocurrency assets. The alliance said it wanted to make them closer to savers such as hedge funds, family offices and market mediators.
Central banks have also instigated to resolve the notion of distributing their digital currencies, since cash is used less and has almost vanished in some countries, such as China and Sweden. The cryptocurrency market had traded at a price of $ 220 billion in November, at about the time when many bulls were anticipating that the price of bitcoin could have stopped more than 200 days of moving average (DMA) and started the long-time return to the historical maximum set in December 2018.

That escape did not appear and the cryptocurrency market started a slow decline which experienced a surge when the bitcoin's cash price removed the improvements it had made to the spread of tomorrow's forex. Surprisingly, the current downturn has noted that investor wealth has begun to rejoin bitcoins from altcoin markets, with the bitcoin share of the global capital cap of the cryptocurrency market rising to 60 percent today versus 59 percent of November.

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