The Crypto market contains $ 100B, BTC, XRP, ETH Post Losses


Crypto approaches $ 100B, such as BTC, XRP, ETH Post Slight losses

Although many still expect the markets, including cryptography, to undergo a "Santa Claus" rally, while tradable goods publicly increase year-on-year, the cryptography market continued to falter on Saturday, with BTC, XRP and ETH recording read losses after a strong Friday sell-off. The aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies is currently 103.29 billion dollars, as per Live Coin Watch, with a decrease of 6 billion dollars compared to the latest market update of Ethereum World News.

Interestingly, while lower falls often come on the back of an inflow of pressure on the sales side (volume), this most recent sale was supported by relatively soft volumes – only $ 5.5 billion adjusted on 24 volumes. hours. However, the market is still declining, with this recent capitulation attack that moved this asset class a step closer to the key psychological and emotional resistance level of $ 100 billion.

In the last few days the bitcoin market has increased slightly, from 54.5% to 54.92% in a few days. Although the prevailing position changes often precede the underlying sector changes, this move does not seem to indicate that BTC will drastically outdo the altcoins.

The last 24 hours have seen the BTC, which remains in a downward trend, failing in the breakout, moving lower to $ 3,200, the minimum just established from the beginning of the year. Analysts are currently evaluating $ 3,000, which BTC must still violate, as a key level of support to be observed in the coming days. At the time of writing, BTC is down 0.97% and found itself at $ 3,200, as mentioned above.

XRP and Ether were closely followed by BTC, failing to disengage from the main activities of this market in the recent market turmoil. Ripple's XRP, second only to Bitcoin, saw a loss of 1.62%, rising recently from $ 0.300 to $ 0.284 underway with the chaotic price action of BTC. Interestingly, while the go-to resource for Ripple underperformed BTC, many still believe that XRP has use cases and abundant increases.

As reported by Ethereum World News,, a popular crypto-friendly hotel reservation service, has recently started accepting XRP. The service, known as Crypto's own version of Expedia and Airbnb, currently lists over 550,000 properties in the 210 most visited destinations in the world. American Express, also known as AMEX, recently appreciated Ripple, which has ties to XRP, for its ability to process cross-border transactions in a cost-effective, almost instantaneous and secure manner.

Ether (ETH) reported a similar performance to BTC and XRP, as the current third highest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell to $ 83.24, down 1.44% a day. Yet, like the XRP, many still see value in Ether, as reports indicate that the CFTC could prepare for green light future contracts for ETH.

Even though the world-famous scrambled trio released almost homogeneous performances, the altcoins were all across the board. EOS, for example, saw a 5% gain, while Stellar Lumens (XLM) was down 6% in the last 24 hours. So, the fact is that the cryptocurrency market remains in a state of confusion.

The analyst expects Bitcoin (BTC) to pass $ 3,000

With this recent move, analysts have tried to determine where BTC – stuck between a rock and a difficult place – will go on, since the single asset currently determines the whole fate of the cryptic industry. Speaking with MarketWatch, Nick Cawley, a DailyFX analyst, said that the price of Bitcoin could break below $ 3,000 in "a matter of time", calling attention to the value of the asset on September 15, 2017. During that time last year, the crypto-market was faltering from China's apparent prohibition on the Bitcoin trade.

Regardless, Cawley noted that $ 2,970 is the next "target" for BTC, before adding that the long-term support for the popular digital asset is around $ 1,760.

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