The Criptovaluta Bears market damaged these 5 most important coins in 2018

  The Cryptocurrant Bears Market has damaged these 5 major Coins last in 2018
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2018 was one of the most difficult years for cryptocurrency markets in recent history. Although many coins go much better now than they were a few years ago, the market has seen some of the most significant incidents that have witnessed since the pre-2016 period. It all started with the Bitcoin crash of three months ago, when the currency dropped to a recent low of around $ 6,000 and was very slow to recover.

But cryptographic markets are no longer dominated exclusively by the main cryptocurrencies. Indeed, the creation of hundreds of new "altcoins" as a result of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in 2016 and 2017 has brought thousands of new combinations and markets to ensure that the experienced investor capitalizes. These new markets, however, are still strongly linked to the progress of the major currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, when these markets were successful last quarter, the altcoin market also turned into a spiral of depreciated values.

Despite the crazy grim saturation of this bear market, there are still reasons to be largely optimistic. The institutional and even governmental interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has stimulated the development of new and exciting technologies in a variety of sectors, largely facilitated by the basic startup campaigns that have created the demand primarily .

Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Some cryptocurrencies have been able to survive the incident with little or no damage to their reputation or their price. During the winter cryptocurrency of 2018, here are the currencies that seem most likely to survive the storm.

Ethereum Classic

When the Ethereum community had a disagreement about how to respond to the controversial decision not to reverse the transactions resulting from massive DAO hacking in 2015, they chose to fork. This means that Ethereum is divided into two separate blocks, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. While the former has constantly maintained its place as the second most popular cryptocurrency, the latter has weakened significantly in the last year.

But 2018 was positive for Ethereum Classic. The quote on Coinbase Pro inspired a rally, the currency reached a unit price of about $ 16.

EOS Coin

EOS hosted the most profitable ICO in the history of the fundraising industry, winning over USD 4 billion in support investor. The company is referred to as "Ethereum killer" because its network is designed to be more effective and popular than Ethereum.

The currency has grown significantly in price in March, and the scale of the most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies continues to rise

BAT (Basic Attention Token)

The basic attention token stands out from other currencies in this list because, unlike the others, BAT was not intended to be a token used only for trade and for profit. The Basic Attention Token is the hub of the BAT ecosystem, which is a real-time advertising economy. The Basic Attention Token is distributed to creators of content on a popular platform in exchange for effective and popular content.

The platform is incredibly popular. In 2018, it claims over three million current and active users, making it one of the most promising online advertising services and ecosystems on the blockchain.

Stellar (XLM)

Of all the coins on this list, Stellar could have the hardest and most committed user base. The Stellar network is a platform designed to provide financial services to people all over the world who do not have access to traditional banking services. For many inside the cryptocurrency market, ICO is known as a version of Ripple without commercialization.

XLM is at seven points for the most important currencies in the cryptocurrency sector.

BNB (Binance Coin) [19659009] Binance Currency is the final currency of this list and is probably the closest thing to a "safe bet" on the cryptocurrency markets. The Binance currency is the native currency of Binance, a centralized international cryptocurrency exchange market. Currency is commonly used because of its implementation on the Binance website; using it offers users discounts on commissions and exchange rates.

Binance Coin managed to see minimal losses during the worst winter crypto, and continues to rise in price compared to Binance's market share.

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