The creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee and Silverbug Crypto YouTuber are feeding on LTC Ponzi Scheme

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The Litecoin of Charlie Lee is considered a Ponzi scheme, according to Silverbug YouTuber

The famous Silverbug YouTuber of the TruthNeverTold channel recently called on the market encrypted as a little more than just a Ponzi scheme, in particular, claims that Charlie Lee, the founder of the token Litecoin is an excellent example of the deception that unsuspecting investors are taking place in the market.

In December 2017, the Bitcoinist went on to report that Charlie Lee had sold or donated the entire wealth Litecoin which he had, all in the name of avoiding conflicts of interest arising from the growth of the token : It is very interesting to find out that Lee has gone on to sell the very top of Litecoin's unprecedented pump.

And from this, it's something the TruthNeverTold channel firmly believes to be an obvious profit by taking the Ponzi scheme that was working out.

A Few Statements To Note [19659007] According to a statement by the TruthNeverTold channel, the founder went on to sell everything; then, proving the fact that YouTuber has tried to say since 2011. He went on to say that the first users of the market take objects that have no intrinsic value, but will go ahead and determine the perceived public perceived value, only for them to sell this illusion for an object that will offer real value.

He also goes on to take a question on the reason used by Lee.

At the time, the founder of Litecoin explained that the token was an excellent advantage for him financially. And from this, he feels he is rich enough that he does not need to tie his growing financial success to the success of the token. He goes on to say that it is the first time in six years that he does not even have a single LTC that has not been stored in a physical Litecoin.

According to TruthNeverTold, Lee admitted that he went ahead to cash while still at the top of the bubble, which is selling the crypto-currency in exchange for a fiat that will help ensure the long-term success of the founder.

Charlie Lee continues to defend his actions

Since he was called out, Lee defended his actions as well-intentioned and even benign for the success of the currency. All this despite the fact that the market has continued to lock up substantially and has not been able to recover after Lee's donation or sale, but continues to say that its current actions do not affect the market.

did not have many tokens, so the sale of his coins did not affect the market. Instead, the fact that he had Litecoin at the time investors began to think that he was going to throw everything on the market, making it the main problem.

He also believes that the coin will end up bouncing, and he firmly believes that his actions were in the right direction when we look at it in the long run. But looking at the short term, it seems that the decision would not have been the best especially with falling prices. But he thinks of moving on when the prices have finally returned to their all-time high that his actions were in the right move.

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