The Council replaces the parking machines at Windsor's River Street following alleged fraud in the Advantage card – Photo 1 of 1


The council replaced the cars in the Windsor parking lot of River Street in an attempt to eliminate the supposed fraud of the Advantage card.

A payment system with tokens was introduced last year that allowed drivers to bring a coin to the parking lot before paying at the end.

But council leader Simon Dudley said the machines were targeted by a scam that saw people typing Advantage Card numbers for tourists to redeem a discount in exchange for a cash donation.

The conservative councilor said, "We have been putting pressure on our revenues for our parking budget and we are aware that fraudulent data has been introduced on the Advantage card details.

"This is the theft of taxpayers' money, so we decided to take action".

The municipality has returned to temporarily use the old payment and exhibition facilities in the parking lot until replacement parts are introduced next month.

But the head of the council said that the vandals targeted the cars, with the advice that they now have to hire parking attendants to collect taxes.

He added: "We will ensure that CCTV cameras are pointing towards new machines when they are introduced.

"We tried to stop this behavior but it turned out to be impossible."

Drivers will still be able to get discounts on parking with the new machines, but will have to insert their cards instead of entering a number.

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