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Since the cryptocurrencies and the underlying technologies are becoming more and more popular, the need to define and understand the legal structures that concern them will probably also increase.

A good legal firm is important regardless of the area of ​​responsibility of a company, so why should the blockchain / cryptocurrency projects be different? After all, navigating the ambiguous regulatory environment around cryptocurrencies can be a bit of a challenge.

This is where so-called law firms or crypto-lawyers come into play. However, the search for a qualified law firm with sufficient experience in the blockchain industry might not be a walk in the park. That's why we've created a list with some of the best cryptology law firms out there:

Blockchain Law Group

Founded in 2018, the Blockchain Law Group provides a complete list of custom services for the blockchain field. His team of specialized lawyers can help any newly formed startups, individual investors, institutions and established companies to achieve full legal compliance with their cryptographic services.

The Blockchain Law Group specializes in managing a plethora of issues related to cryptocurrency, including the issuance of products and security tokens.



MME is one of the most popular law firms and boasts a team of highly qualified consultants. The company based in Switzerland is renowned for helping Tezos take off (the largest fundraiser of the ICO), as well as big names like Ethereum and Bancor. The partners of the firm assist clients on all legal issues and specialize in law, tax and compliance.

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner is a law firm with extensive knowledge of all regulatory aspects of virtual currencies. To be more precise, the company focuses on how existing regulations are applied and how new ones can potentially influence new businesses looking to enter the digital currency business.

Another strong point for the law firm is the relationship between digital currencies and the SEC, as well as other US regulatory bodies. The company specializes in providing regulatory advice for product and system design, state and federal licensing, and strategic relationships with regulated financial institutions.

Crypto Lawyers Corporation

Founded in 2017, Crypto Lawyers Corporation is a Californian law firm specializing in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and initial coin offerings. The company aims to provide legal solutions relevant to its customers, minimizing the legal risk on all aspects of cryptocurrency.

Some of its best services include the legal strategy for ICOs, the corporate structure, jurisdiction and registration, the legal audit of ICO projects, regulatory advice, token sales documentation and compliance documentation.


Dentons it is the largest law firm in the world and an international giant. It is the first Canadian law firm to join the GLBC, the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium. Dentos offers a myriad of world-class legal services supported by its extraordinary team of talented and informed consultants.

Some of its key services include ICO events and token generation, broker-dealers and exchange settlement, KYC and AML procedures, securities, commodities and criminal enforcement, tax and privacy analysis, and data security.


Perkins Coie

Perkins Coie is one of the first law firms to be involved in cryptographic space, advising clients on key legal topics such as the use of Bitcoin and the legitimacy of the tokenisation of resources. The law firm has an impressive list of customers ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

The company specializes in licensing, compliance with monetary services businesses, AML and cybersecurity programs, decentralized accounting technology, business operations, corporate training, privacy and data security, as well as securities and commodities.

Njord law firm

A Nordic company in the heart, but operating internationally, the Njord law firm it is one of the most important companies of this type in the Northern and Baltic Sea regions. It has offices in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and Germany and offers an impressive array of legal services.

The company specializes in legal issues related to blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as banking and financial law services. Some of its key services include financial services regulation, P2P debt, equity financing, crowdfunding and investment, tax advice and VAT in crypto and token sales, capital market regulations and the protection of Intellectual property.

Rimon Law

Rimon Law is a US and Israeli law firm specializing in corporate law, litigation, financial services, private customer services, intellectual property, tax law, as well as cryptography and blockchain issues.

The key services of the company are financial regulation, intellectual property, KYC and AML, digital and mobile payment systems, the rental of banks, but also the resolution of all legal issues related to cryptography.


Royse's law

Royse's law is an international law firm with offices in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Orange County and Beijing, China. Its main competence is to help plan, structure and implement ICOs. The company's qualified consultants also provide general advice on tax affairs and other corporate matters, as well as analysis and analysis of white paper, tax planning, foreign consultancy and KYC / AML.

Ogier law

Ogier law is a multi-award-winning law firm that provides legal services to various jurisdictions around the world. It has offices in the United States, Europe and Japan, where it provides attractive legal services in areas such as banking and finance, corporate and commercial, dispute resolution and investment funds.

Although the company is primarily oriented towards companies that use offshore structures, its services cover the needs of customers who implement investment strategies and other opportunities that include cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and digital resources.

Frost Brown Todd LLC

Frost Brown Todd LLC he is a member of the Chamber of Commerce's Advocacy Committee and has a specialized team for blockchain and crypto customers only. The main services of the company are consulting on regulatory and regulatory compliance, support for disputes and assistance for commercial transactions.


Final words

Choosing the right law firm is a crucial step for any serious cryptographic or blockchain activity. The companies listed below have established names in the industry and can help you get all the necessary knowledge on taxes, VAT, p2p loan and other regulations. They can also help you launch your ICOs and request licenses for major cryptographic exchanges.

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