The Chinese retailer launches the Open Blockchain platform


One of China's largest retailers,, is launching a blockchain platform. The idea behind the open JD Blockchain platform is to enable corporate business customers to develop their applications based on innovative and disruptive technologies. hopes to encourage innovation with a new platform

The JD's goal. The new com platform is to provide corporate customers with a framework to develop their own contract-based smart systems. These will be hosted on public and private corporate clouds. customers will be able to create and refine their smart contract applications in line with their specific needs, according to a blog post previously published today.

The post goes on to state that the open JD Blockchain platform is built on "more basic technologies". The hope is that by using these technologies, customers will be able to simplify vital operating procedures. These include tracking the movement or goods, verifying the authenticity of assets, valuing ownership, settling transactions and providing digital copyright. believes these features will improve the overall productivity of their corporate customers, as well as provide greater transparency, trust and convenience. The functionality of the platform will be similar to the Amazon blockchain models we reported in the April of this year.

The open platform JD Blockchain represents the last step of the massive Chinese retailer towards technological solutions to various problems facing traditional industries. The company defines the strategy as Retail as a Service (RaaS). customers will benefit from the "one-click distribution" of the open JD platform. It is hoped that by simplifying the process as much as possible, JD. com will be able to help even those companies that do not have a thorough knowledge of blockchain technology, but want to take advantage of its disruptive potential.

The platform itself will also present an application store that will provide various blockchain tools or software features for use by corporate customers. These were designed through collaboration between internal developers and independent software vendors. also aims to continuously improve the application store by recruiting new software vendors and creating a vibrant community for those vendors working on the platform.

All additions to the application archive will be submitted to a strict quality assessment program before being listed. It is hoped that such high standards will encourage customers to trust the service, which in turn will lead to a much brighter ecosystem of enterprise-class applications that are fully customizable to the specific needs of each client.'s head of big data and smart supply chains, Jian Pei, are cited as statements about platform development:

"The open platform JD Blockchain is the culmination of the experience and experience in blockchain technology that we initially developed for our operations, to give more visibility to consumers. "

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