The Chinese retail giant launches the Enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service platform


The Chinese giant of e-commerce has revealed its new Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform in a press release published today, 17 August.

The new tool, dubbed the JD Blockchain Open Platform, aims to enable companies to build, host and implement blockchain solutions without having to develop the technology from scratch.

According to the press release, the service will offer intelligent contract functionality for "corporate and private clouds". JD outlines a range of potential use cases for the platform:

"Technology can help companies simplify operational procedures such as tracking and tracking the movement of donations of goods and charities, certification of authenticity, property valuation, transactional transactions, digital author rights and improving productivity. " [19659005] JD presents the BaaS instrument as "the latest expansion" of its Retail as a Service (RaaS) strategy, through which it aims to make advanced technologies and infrastructures an accessible to other companies and industries.

The platform will host an app store that offers several "bottom layer blockchains, tools and software" that have been developed internally or by independent software developers. While the latter are not specified in the press release, JD states that it will oversee and implement "a rigorous quality control on offers in the app store".

The first partner to use the platform refers to the China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC) for the creation of a blockchain-based electronic invoicing system to track the "fapiao" – the Chinese term for invoices approved by official tax authorities .

As Cointelegraph reported, large companies, including WeChat's giant Tencent, together with the Chinese municipal authorities, have recently moved to blockchain-based electronic billing systems to achieve a friction-free link between businesses and entities. consumers and state tax services.

While JD is not a newcomer to blockchain space, other Chinese companies have anticipated their Baas offer. In April, the telecommunications giant Huawei revealed the BaaS based Hyperledger tool, which is also geared towards developing cloud-based smart contracts and efficient blockchain solutions for businesses.

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