The Chinese company presents bitcoin-mining TV


The Chinese startup startup Canaan Creative is unveiling a new TV capable of extracting Bitcoin while watching the shows.


The Chinese company in Beijing, Canaan Creative, has announced a plan to unveil a new TV that allows me to use my cryptocurrency while watching TV. Canaan Creative is the second largest producer of Bitcoin mining platforms in the world,

According to the South China Morning Post, the new TV set would be called AvalonMiner Inside and will have a processing capacity of 2.8 trillion hashes per second . In comparison, the world's most powerful mining machine has 11 trillion hashes per second.

The report states that the company launched the product after completing its request for an initial public offering in Hong Kong in May. Canaan plans to raise at least $ 1.2 billion from the IPO.

He added that Avalon TV would be enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) with voice control functionality. The new device also offers a real-time calculation of Bitcoin's profitability. TV users could use their cryptocurrency earned to purchase entertainment content and physical gifts using the Canaan platform, the added report.

With the launch of AvalonMiner Inside TV, it is expected that other home appliances will be developed with digital currency capabilities and expanding the new era of the AI ​​and blockchain technology, according to the company report.

Canaan plans to distribute its mining TV through retailers, who will sell them to their customers. There is also a plan to introduce more appliances that are enabled to blockchain, as reported by the company.

The company was founded in 2013 and focuses mainly on mass production chips used for Bitcoin mining. Its biggest rival in the supply of hardware for Bitcoin mining platforms is Bitmain Technologies, based in Beijing.

This is not the first time that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have generated interest in the world of television entertainment.

In May, an episode of Silicon Valley showed the freshness of cryptocurrencies. The show has come up to describe the new asset class that provides "extreme personal freedom", the main feature of the digital currencies that believers have long reiterated.

An episode of billion reminded its loyal viewers that digital currency trading is in fact about transfer and a store of value.

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