The chain of locos of the next-generation Blockchain platform debuts the listing of coins on the global cryptocurrency exchange Bibox


Locus Chain Tokens officially started negotiations September 25th

SINGAPORE, 25 September 2018 / PRNewswire / – Locus Chain token, published by the next-generation blockchain platform Locus Chain Foundation (Locus Chain), was listed today Bibox, the global exchange of cryptocurrencies ranked in the top 10 of world currency markets.

According to the official Bibox website, on September 24thth Locus Chain has announced that it will be able to create portfolios and token transactions 11:00 am. the 25th. Tokens have opened up to 1.64 USD, with total market capitalization a $ 10.75 billion, making it the fourth largest in the cryptocurrency market.

Bibox is an independent exchange created by the co-founder Jeffrey Lei, which also founded OKcoin, the world's largest cryptographic exchange. Bibox has grown steadily to join the ranks of the top 10 global stock exchanges in the last eight months, after opening November 2017. As the first artificial intelligence platform for the exchange of digital resources, Bibox has gained the great trust of users.

Above August 24thth, Locus Chain ranked first in the Bibox voting test, with a big plus in second place. Locus Chain is a very fast and flexible new generation blockchain platform that can be used in a large-scale real economy, unlike the old blockchains that become less efficient with an increase in the number of actual users. To overcome the shortcomings of existing blockchain technology, Locus Chain has developed an independent Dynamic State Sharding technology and an Account-Wise Transaction Chain (AWTC) structure that can be quickly approved for transactions without decreasing speed, even if the number of transactions increases.

The Locus Chain Foundation is doing its best to help build equality around the world. Locus Chain focuses on projects that can lead to technology sharing and local development. The public sector, such as e-government and philanthropy, is a priority area for Locus Chain to contribute to the public interest. Locus Chain has its headquarters in Singapore and has branches in Dubai in Middle East is mauritius in Africa.

Princess Sheikha Mozah Al Maktoum of Dubai, Sheikh Abu Omar of theAzman Royal family, the prince Franklin E. Omene by OMENE Holdings LLC, Nigeria flagship business in Africaand many other political or financial VIPs are participating as consultants.

In addition, Locus Chain is developing IoT blockchain projects with Leadtek, as well as a SM-Fi communication business with SM Wave. In addition, Locus Chain has collaborated with major government agencies and large companies Europe, the Middle East is Asia, Including Saudi Arabia, EAU, Oman, bahrain, India, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka is bangladesh. Locus Chain is expected to be used as a basic system and settlement currency for sub-industries in various countries, with effective use setting new benchmarks that can not be compared to existing cryptocurrencies.

Locus Chain has also signed donations with five charitable organizations in Africa, India is afghanistanand plans to increase engagement and philanthropic agreements worldwide to contribute significantly ppublic interest.

Bibox will hold a commemorative event to list the Locus Chain tokens from September 25thth – 30th. During this period, the Locus Chain tokens will be calculated based on the number of deposits, withdrawals, purchases and sales of Locus Chain tokens; in addition, a certain number of Locus tokens will be distributed to the top 10 buyers in proportion to the ranking based on the net worth of tokens at the end of the event. In addition, users who continue to hold more than 300 Locus Chain tokens during the event will receive two more Chain Locus tokens.

About the Locus Chain Foundation

Locus Chain Foundation Pte, Ltd. was founded in Singapore in 2018, to develop a platform based on Blockchain and related activities. Created by a team of Korean developers, partners and international consultants, the Locus Chain Foundation will offer convenient access to a reliable and secure platform that ensures reliabilityy. With offices in Singapore, Seoul is Dubai, the company has a global footprint and partnership to realize its plan to become the blockchain solution for international businesses and global citizens.

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SOURCE Locus Chain Foundation Pte, Ltd.

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