The CEO of Litecoin opens up about why he sold all his Litecoin shares


The ongoing Litecoin conference saw several speakers present their insights into digital currencies including Charlie Lee, founder and CEO of Litecoin (LTC).

Lee stated that the main agenda of the conference was clear current fear, uncertainty and doubts about the digital currencies that saw the first investors abandon the encrypted market en masse. Lee is well known for having auctioned all of his LTC investments that have caused an uproar on social media platforms.

"He would be fired"

He reinforced his decision to sell all his Litecoin stating that he "fired" if he had not done it. He went on to say that he sold all his interest because at that point, Litecoin was flourishing and the capital obtained from sales helped him to fully concentrate on the growth of Litecoin.

"Thank God I did what I did, any other way and I should look for another job to handle my life."

More Insights

Proceeds by suggesting that investors should keep their investment and not to auction, immediately realize a slight market crash. This, he said, would allow crypto-enthusiasts to identify market trends and make better decisions.

In addition, Lee also discussed the decentralized platforms and the social media part of all this. He said that with the exponential growth experienced in the cryptic world, many people approach him on the possibility of collaborating with Litecoin.

He also said that people should exploit cryptocurrencies as they see fit and not some documented guidelines. It is not the value that matters, but the application and the acceptance that really determine the triumph of any digital currency.

Finally, Lee also discussed how the 2017 was a disruptive year after all the very hard spades and the remarkable twists of the crypto market

The main objective of Lee was to certify that people they are enlightened on how the cryptocurrency solves the "today's defective fiat money."

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