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The CEO of Binance confirms that XRP will be added as a base pair

Binance to support XRP as a base pair

In recent weeks, particularly in recent days, the community that surrounded XRP, the second most important cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has gathered on its side, asking Binance, the most important exchange in the world, to list the resource as a basic couple.

A user, who refers to the nickname "IzombieXRP", asked Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, the fervent CEO of the above mentioned exchange, to list XRP as a basic couple as an apparent gift to the crypto community. In response to the joke, which gained traction loads, CZ, being a good sport and everyone, responded by writing "[be] attentive to what you want ", concluding his cryptic message with a smiley face.

As reported by Ethereum World News earlier, at the time, this short, harmless message was seen as a suggestion that the startup would list XRP as a basic pair, a request that probably plagued incoming mail of Binance employees for months, if not a year.

And now, just a few days later, Zhao, probably hearing the holiday season hitting his nerves, revealed that his conceived – Binance – will add the good mentioned above as a "short (basic) quotation". It was not explained which pairs would support the new base pair, but it can be assumed that the leading cryptocurrencies will be combined with XRP.

Since the Binance user interface is running out of space, Ether pairs will be renamed to "ALTS", probably to reduce confusion for users on the exchange.

This is not a drill

When CZ published the tweet, the crypto community in general had a kind of autonomous uprising, with supporters of XPP and Bitcoins who spoke about the issue in a state of confusion, confusion and disbelief. Eric Thies, an important supporter of cryptography, has joked that "before the standard army test this 10 million times over the world," emphasizing the fact that he is not the biggest fan of the resource.

John Dean, apparently confused by this coincidence, asked Zhao if it was a joke of early April. The head of Binance responded by saying that it would be unpleasant for him to "post false messages as jokes," even on a day like April 1.

The community surrounding the XRP project has entered a bullish clamor, with a Steven Diep stressing that "this news is bigger than the one listed on Coinbase." Dr. T, a lover of Ripple, well followed, thanked Zhao for adding the aforementioned assets as a basis, praising Binance for his monumental rise to the limelight. The pro-Binance sentiment was echoed by much of the XRP community, as they now appear to be in love with Binance

As this news broke, the XRP began to rise, finding the legs while Zhao made the announcement above. At the time of writing this article, Ripple's asset go-to-business is currently valued at $ 0.44 a pop, with an increase of 11.5% more on the back of the Binance news . Considering the hegemony that Binance has established on this nascent market, many optimists are convinced that the digital asset will be successful in the short to medium term.

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