The Canadian government launches Ethereum Block Explorer

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The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has launched a blockchain explorer built on Ethereum. According to a press release, the organization said that the blockchain explorer application, dubbed Chain, was developed by Bitaccess and will be hosted by its industrial research assistance program on the interplanetary file system (IPFS).

This makes the hosted data always accessible and immutable, as it is not organized in one place, which could subject it to site failure or access problems. According to Bitaccess, the explorer application is similar to a search engine and allows users to "instantly search for the Ethereum blockchain" for "published concessions and contribution data" stored on the network through Chain.

Moe Adham, co-founder of Bitaccess, stated in a statement: "We created the Chain Blockchain Suite as a simple, low-risk, application for institutions to be introduced to blockchain technology. awesome ".

Using the IPFS function, users will be offered a "peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing data" in a distributed method that makes them "unalterable" and stored "to the future" long after the # 39; original web host went offline.

The NRC instruction read in part:

"These are the early days, but NRC IRAP experiments with blockchain should provide a constructive understanding of the potential of this technology and how it could be used for more open operations. and transparent for public programs. "

At the start of this year, the NRC launched the first live test of the Canadian government on public blockchain technology with the goal of creating transparent management of grants and public contributions.

At launch, the government was able to use the blockchain to publish information on "new and amended grant agreements with companies in real time". Adham's goal of his company is to help institutions "become fully transparent" and to help voters participate in "verifying and validating public information".

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