The breakout leads to outperformance

  • LTC exits the short-term barrier.
  • Key support kicks off the medium-term chart.

Litecoin manages to overcome a short-term resistance and outperforms many other peers, while others still consald themselves after the massive crash of last year that saw prices fall off the cliff and cancel over 80% of the market value for almost all cryptids, including Litecoin, which has lost more than 90% since December 2017.

LTC / USD rises more than 4% per day to $ 33.849 and is at the highest point of the day, while volatility is shrinking for this crypto – a sign of weaker bears. On the 120-minute LTC chart, he first took the support of an upward trend line that helped him throughout the last month and then burst with a downward resistance to the trend line.

In order for this breakout to sustain itself and result in higher earnings, prices should first be able to exceed $ 34.15 and then $ 37.20. Only then can there be a substantial and significant price rally.

120-minute LTC / USD chart:

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