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Welcome to Episode 58 of The Bitcoin Game is Rob Mitchell. In January of this year, I have seen many talks on the speeches and panels of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Donald Trump also spoke at this event. But the panel that most interested me was called The Crypto Asset Bubble and presented the Nobel Prize Robert Shiller. I did not know any of the other participants, but what struck me most was Jennifer Zhu Scott. He seemed very pro-Bitcoin and was a very eloquent speaker. I wondered why I had never heard of her before. I immediately invited Jen to be a guest on my podcast, and eventually we only connected a bit, thanks to Twitter. We cover many topics including the World Economic Forum, his favorite project, China, and his involvement in the hit series HBO, Silicon Valley .


& # 39; œThe Crypto-Asset Bubble & # 39; – Davos 2018, World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

Radian Partners

Otoy Octane

Viral Fake Robot Video / bA21AhgYwHM

Adam Series

Rendering token

HBO Silicon Valley – "Offer Initial Coins "

Jen Zhu Scott on Twitter
https: // twitter .com / jenzhuscott


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