The biggest losers of today – the cryptocurrencies that have lost the most value


House of cards collapsed from one day to the next

If you wake up with a feeling of sinking in your stomach today, you probably are not alone – with the cryptocurrency markets that still last another bath of blood in a year that has been a party for bears, both the eminent and the less known have lost value to touch the new lows of 2018.

Among the biggest losers, different cryptocurrencies have lost more than 20% of their value – bringing the Ark package, which at the time of printing decreased by – 30.48% touches $ 0.5 USD.

The previous sale of the cryptocurrency began shortly after the debut of its new software development kit. By parity, Ark traded at $ 7.04 USD on January 1.

Zilliqa also fell about -28.28% and is currently trading at $ 0.0262 USD. Zilliqa traded at $ 0.136 USD on January 26th of this year.

Investors also took advantage of the opportunity to jump ship from Augur, where REP counters fell -27.46% to reach $ 15.64 USD. The REP tokens, traded at $ 73 USD at the start of the year, underwent both a token exchange and the official launch of the Augur mainnet.

Despite the immense volumes at stake in its forecast markets, Augur has suffered controversy over the emergence of several "illegal" death markets.

Nebulae plummeted by -26.72% to reach $ 1.06, down from $ 5.66 USD at the start of the year. At the beginning of this year, Nebulas increased by around 7% on the back of the news that Binance would officially list the cryptocurrency in June.

Nano took fifth place on today's biggest losers list, and fell -25.87% to $ 0.868345 US DOLLAR. The cryptocurrency is worth a little more than a fraction of its initial value on January 1, where Nano has debuted to values ​​north of $ 21 USD.

While many others are listed altcoins bleed more than 10% of their value, the silent king of the hill – Bitcoin – has, at the time of the press, lost little. The eminent cryptocurrency trades for $ 6.007.99 USD, and is down -6.59% day by day.

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