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The best careers looking for talent blockchain

There were 1,775 blockchain job openings in the US in August, a 300% increase from 446 relevant job announcements published in the same period last year, according to a recent job search site report Glassdoor.

Glassdoor analyzed the millions of job ads in the United States published on its website in August for the report, performing a text search of its job ad database for posts containing keywords related to blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. Glassdoor then used its salary tool to estimate the average basic pay for each job.

Blockchain describes a distributed decentralized and permanent register of online transactions or exchanges. In recent years, industry and government stakeholders have supported efforts to use the blockchain to simplify health operations. Unlike a traditional database centrally located and managed by a party, a blockchain record is shared between a network of users.

"While the applications of blockchain technology are different, most of the recent interest has focused on cryptocurrencies," says the Glassdoor report. "Cryptocurrencies use blockchain to execute transactions without the need for formal authority (such as a central bank), an idea that appealed to advocates of privacy and democratic technology."

Here are the five job titles that most frequently seek blockchain talents, according to the report:

1. Software engineer

2. Responsible for analysts' reports

3. Product manager

4. Front-end engineer

5. Architect of technology

The average annual salary for job openings related to the blockchain was $ 84,884, according to Glassdoor's analysis, with salaries ranging from $ 36,046 to $ 223,667 in the year. The figure of $ 84.884 is 61.8 percent more than the overall average annual salary in the United States, which is $ 52.461.

Glassdoor attributed the high salaries associated with blockchain work to the "high-skill" nature of positions, along with the high cost of living in cities where work openings were clustered.

"High-cost cities like New York City and San Francisco dominate the blockchain job market and employers have to offer higher salaries to attract talent," the report reads. "After taking these effects into account, the high salaries we see for these roles are not unusual: for example, in New York City, the average pay for all software engineers was $ 104,630 in the year. in August 2018, essentially equal to the $ 102,104 median salary we have seen work related to blockchain of the same occupation and position. "

To read the Glassdoor report, click here.

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