The bear market takes its toll: Dash (DASH) dirty laundry cryptocurrency hanging to dry


Dash is the altcoin who has the merit of starting the mania for the masternodes. At the time the currency was traded for less than a dollar, the Proof of Work coin introduced a masternode system that required the 1,000 Dash bet.

The scheme has been a huge success, both as a means to manage the network, and as a source of income for people managing a node, which have been rewarded in a fragrant way since the cryptography market has skyrocketed in 2017 At its peak, it would have cost $ 1.5 million to buy enough Dash to configure a masternode. The success of the scheme, which made the first users of the Dash masternode system very rich, was soon copied by countless other coins.

The concept of Masternode is certainly one of the main propellers that has pushed Dash into the cryptic mainstream, but while the bear market continues, more and more "informants" inside the altcoin communities come out and bring all the skeletons of the project out of the # 39; closet.

Reddit user u / tellmesay shared a post describing the details
negative that the DASH encrypted payment solution has dealt with during the previous year
we. The post was originally published on a subreddit r / Dashpay compatible with Dash ma
it was removed from there for unclear reasons.

Overall, the post titled "Dash In 2018: Disappointments,
Boondoggles, Scandals, Disasters & Catastrophes "has spared no punches
revealed every single negative thing about the project experimented in 2018. These points
how not to be quoted on Coinbase because of the infamous Instamine of Dash,
centralized development and obscure status of Howey Test / SEC Action ", plus no
be included in the OpenBazaar project (while Monero and several others
were), in order not to receive support from Wirex or any other debit card provider
among the promises that Dash could not keep. Further down, the post
mentions the fiasco of Dash's FanDuel, the CoPay fiasco, the KuvaCash fiasco, the Alt36
train-sinking going on, and the fact that they organized a crypto meetup in a
Miami based striptease joint.

A special place in this analysis is given to their relations with Venezuela, in which Dash attempted to implement an aggressive strategy of selling cheap Krypt mobile phones supplied with DASH currency and software needed to use that currency. News and promotions have come up suggesting that the adoption of DASH in Venezuela is growing; however, this has been crushed by several sources, culminating in KFC Venezuela (which Dash has touted as an infallible trader to start using their cryptocurrency) by denying the news and complaining about Dash's superiors for spreading false news.

The post mentioned goes much more in detail, exposing the further failure of Dash to keep promises and even to remind us of some important security issues with currency that have never been properly addressed. You can check the full post here.

False volume in exchanges

As if this were not enough, another user accused Dash of excessive exchanges of washes and false volumes in the exchanges. To be honest, the entire market is completely dominated by fake volumes and washing operations conducted by altcoin teams or exchanges themselves. But according to this discussion, Dash is a leader in this discipline.

It is worth noting that Dash is despised and often called a scam among the most important cryptic leaders. Here is a tweet from Charlie Lee of Litecoin that illustrates the sentiment of the majority of the so-called original bitcoin gangsters:

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