The Australian local government exports a Blockchain-based driving license


A state in Australia has introduced a blockchain-based driving license in collaboration with an Australian company. The new digital driving license will create ease and protect the privacy of drivers.

Details of the test Blockchain

The government of New South Wales, in Australia, is trying to incorporate the blockchain technology into its driving license. According to itnews Secure Logic, an Australian-based company plans to develop the blockchain driver licensing platform.

At the beginning of the year, the government conducted a Dubbo study based on blockchain technology. This move saw 1400 drivers of cars underway for the digital driving license. The Australian company presented a platform called TrustGrid, which is an essential element of licensing for electronic vehicles. The full launch of the platform will take place throughout the state in 2019.

Commenting on the TrustGrid platform and its potential, Santosh Devaraj, CEO of Secure Logic, said:

The platform would help stop sophisticated scammers who can summon false identity with relative ease. Too often the details of the license are only superficially controlled, and now they can be replaced with cryptographic mechanisms .

Devaraj also stated that this new system will replace the old method of obtaining driving licenses and dependence on the physical means of identification. The CEO also noted that these methods could be tedious, time-consuming and unsuitable.

With the success of the Dubbo trial, the company is trying to conduct a digital license test in the capital NSW, Sydney, in November 2018 This trial will include over 140,000 drivers located in the East Beach region. Driving licenses will be a means of identification at checkpoints and for entry into public places within the test area.

In addition, the Government of New South Wales plans to extend the adoption of blockchains across the state. In the 2018 budget, the government provided $ 9.3 million to the Finance, Innovation and Services department to extend the testing of the digital license. By 2019, it will issue the digital driving license and digital photo papers to its citizens.

Blockchain Technology Developments in Australia

This new blockchain-based licensing pilot is one of the many implementations of emerging technology by the government. In May, the Australian government unveiled plans to adopt blockchain technology. The government plans to use the blockchain to provide security welfare payments in 2019.

In July it was announced that the US company, IBM, had a five-year contract with the Australian government to develop blockchain and other digital initiatives. This was in line with the government's goal of becoming a digital power by 2025.

Last month, in August, the World Bank, with the intention of launching its first blockchain bond, chose the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In the same month, there was a collaboration to build the Australian National Blockchain (ANB), the first large-scale, digital cross-industry national platform.

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