The artist Ai Weiwei uses Ethereum to make art on the "value"


The Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has collaborated on a new artistic project that uses a pair of token originated with ethereum.

Motherboard reported Friday that Ai – well known for his criticism of the Chinese communist government as his art installations and his photos – is working with the Irish conceptual artist Kevin Abosch.

Together, Ai and Abosch created two new tokens, freely distributable, in the attempt (as they describe it) illustrating how value is perceived and imbued within modern society. And it is an area where Abosch has already worked – connecting the art and cryptocurrency world through his work – as previously reported by the New York Times.

The project, called PRICELESS (ticker symbol: PRCLS), involves two tokens, one of which is made publicly available to the extent that, in theory, every person on the planet could own a fraction. The other token, according to Motherboard, is blocked and inaccessible to anyone.

"This is not a potential to create art, but rather to question the existing system and the potential to create a new system outside the established system," Ai told Motherboard.

As Abosch said at the publication:

"From the moment we are born, people try to value us -" Oh, that guy is so full of potential, oh oh that girl is worthless " – it's something that society does for us and it's something We do to ourselves … Our project is just another thing to involve people in the hope that they will spend a little more time reflecting on perversity of how most of us attribute value to things. "

Wallet addresses keep nominal PRCLS token amounts have already been printed on paper and sold to buyers, with each wallet address representing different" priceless moments " "shared between Ai and Abosch, which illustrates how the token can represent value.

Ai revealed in an interview with Motherboard this, for him, blockchain repr "an opportunity to create a new system that could dismantle the old system, or at least offer a new possibility of communication."

Image by Ai Weiwei through Shutterstock

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