The Arab world between Republicans and Democrats


Inhabited peoples realize that the White House resident is a remnant of the embers of international events to a large extent, and is active and influential in most, if not all, international files, which is why everyone tries to read the longitude and breadth of the next American president and preparing to meet him, so to speak.

The problem with the nature of the American presidency is that it is unstable and changeable. There is no single “moral code” that brings together American presidents, as everyone has their own visions. That’s why the late Pakistani president, General Zia Al-Haq, believed when he compared the alliance with the United States of America to live on the banks of the A Great River, the land is very fertile, but every four or eight years the river changes course, you may find yourself alone in the desert.

Is our Arab world supplied by the global confusion between Democrats and Republicans, especially in the upcoming presidential election?

Before answering, we must emphasize, albeit hastily, that the Arab-American intersections from the beginning of the twentieth century to the third decade of the twenty-first century were never purity of purity, or generosity of prosperity, but oscillated between this and that, tension. and attraction, diplomatic relations and their periods of rupture From harmony and waves of conflict, presidents have approached the stages of righteous saints and others who represented bad ones in the paths and courses of the Arab world.

Recent models tell us that a Democratic president like Lindh Benz Johnson was a bane to the Arab world, having unprecedented momentum and support for Israel in the 1967 Six Day War.

It is also a contradiction of fate that the US presidency met with another Democratic president, Jimmy Carter, who was full of peace, made valuable and valuable efforts, and provided great and important incentives to establish peace in the Middle East region between Arabs and Israel, which culminated in the Camp David agreement between Egypt and Israel in the year 1979.

On the other hand, there are Republican presidents who have left footprints that history will judge, such as George Bush the son, although the same story places his father, Bush Sr., in the ranks of presidents and friends of the Arab world, as he played a vital and decisive role in saving Kuwait and perhaps the rest of the Arab Gulf states. From the catastrophe of the conflictual invasion, three decades ago and these days in August 1989.

The advanced lines mean one thing in short useful terms, which is that the United States of America is an institutional state, based on a very clear philosophical approach, which is pragmatism and utilitarian pragmatism, that is, it seeks to maximize its profits imperial countries around the world and to achieve its tactical goals in order to achieve its strategic visions, whether the president is a Democrat or a Republican, because the powers of the constitution are limited by an interesting constitution despite the small number of its provisions, but the founding fathers were cunning and ingenious in putting the three legislative, executive and judicial authorities in a state of permanent control over each other, and this is decidedly against all precipitation for any of them monopolizing the powers that disrupt the nascent democratic life .

Some in our Arab world are concerned about the leadership of Joseph Biden, the Democratic candidate, in the polls, over his Republican president, White House resident Donald Trump. The question: is anxiety appropriate and what is the reason?

It is proven that Biden spent eight years in the White House as Vice President Barack Obama, no one heard him, and he was only the shadow of the president, and no particular charisma or talent was known that distinguished him, and among the characteristics of the American president, any president, is necessarily charismatic on the OR side of the most aspects of his life at the lowest estimate.

However, Biden’s fears are due to the real reason why, if he wins, it will be a third term for Obama, and the latter has caused the Arab world a disaster whose effects still remain, through his support for political groups in the US. Islam, and its direct and indirect efforts to provide them with the opportunity to reach the centers of government and leadership in some. The countries of the region, before the Egyptians launched their famous revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood on June 30, 2013.

Fears about Biden are appreciated and understood, but on the other hand there are also those who watch Trump with a lot of anxiety, as his first term was studded with many controversial rather than consensual decisions, including the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv in Jerusalem, and the recognition of the Holy City as the eternal capital of the State of Israel. To the fluid positions of the sick and disordered Agha Al-Osmanli, and to what he is doing in the Middle East from Syria and Iraq to Libya, which in fact do not serve or immediately serve the interests of Arab national security, and does not bode well for however, the welcome wins a mandate. a second.

what does it mean?

Certainly, Arab-American relations must straighten a course far from narrowing the relationship only with the White House and its inhabitants, Democrats or Republicans, and as long as we don’t care or be scared of any incumbent or future president, there is something. that must be done.

The solid cornerstone on which relations of two essential dimensions should be based, not imperialist supremacy, between America and the Arabs, are American public opinion, the street man, traditional media and modernized social media.

The above are the tools that make the image of Arabs, and they can present Americans with the image of angels or demons, and it’s obvious that in America if you don’t start drawing your image the way you want, there are those who volunteer to do it as you don’t want to.

The last part, which the longevity preacher thinks is of particular importance, is how we can present our Arab selves to Americans as individuals and institutions, as a difficult number on the perceptual map of international chess, and especially at this global time when the world suffers from an alarming strategic vacuum.

Biden or Trump are not the problem. Raising problems begins with the self, not with others.


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