The Arab Parliament concludes its committee meetings in Cairo. And tomorrow it will hold the plenary meeting


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The standing committees of the Arab parliament ended their meetings in Cairo on Tuesday, in preparation for the start of the fourth plenary session of the third session of the second term, tomorrow, Wednesday, chaired by Dr. Meshaal bin Fahm al-Salami, and the presence of the president of the Yemeni parliament, Sultan al-Berkani.

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The meeting will be preceded by a press conference for the president of the Arab parliament and the president of the Yemeni Chamber of Representatives, who will focus on the current Arab situation in light of the crises, challenges and developments experienced by the Arab countries . In addition to efforts to support joint Arab action and address threats and threats to national security.

The Committee on Foreign Affairs, Politics and National Security discussed a draft resolution on the situation in the Republic of Yemen, as well as developments in the political and security situation in the Arab countries, as well as developments in the Arab joint action on the light of the resolutions of the 30th Arab summit held in Tunis on 31 March. The committee also discussed the general framework and axes of the report on the political situation in the Arab world 2019, as well as the report of the subcommittee on the study of the vision of the Arab parliament to achieve the security of Arab waters … the current situation and future prospects .

The Committee on Economic and Financial Problems discussed a series of proposals concerning the requirements for achieving the common Arab market and Arab economic legislation and Arab trade, and considered developing proposals for Parliament's work in the field of "electrical interconnection between Arab countries" and in the field of "Facilitation of the digital economy orientation in the Arab world: opportunities and challenges."

For its part, the legislative, legal and human rights committee discussed a draft resolution on the fight against the Islamophobia phenomenon at its meetings and examined a memorandum on the last joint Arab legislative and legal action. and on human rights, as well as a report on the follow-up to human rights in Palestine.

The Committee on Social, Educational and Cultural Affairs, Women and Youth, reviewed a report on the latest developments in the agreement to launch the Arab document on women's rights in the United Arab Emirates and a report on developments in the joint Arab action in the area of ​​competence of the committee.

On the other hand, the qualitative subcommittees and subcommittees of the Arab parliament held their meetings to discuss the topics related to it, namely the Palestinian committee, the committee for the preparation of an Arab law guidance for the Higher education and scientific research, the committee for the study of the development of tourism in the Arab world and the committee for the study of the safety of Arab waters as a security challenge. The Arab national committee, the committee for the study of the proposed legislative law to attract Arab capital to the Arab world, the proposal for the study of the legislative law on food safety Lord to organize the work necessary for charitable and humanitarian organizations, the commission for the least developed Arab countries, the commission for the study and treatment of backward state contributions in the budget of the Arab Parliament and the allocation of the least developed members of the Arab countries.

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