The annual Ethereum Dev community conference focuses on scalability


DevCon4, the name given to the fourth official annual meeting of the Ethereum development community, is underway in Prague.

The three-day event, inaugurated yesterday, has scheduled a series of conferences to discuss a range of topics related to the future growth of the Ethereum development community and the network itself.

On the agenda there are discussions on smart control of contract security, security token offers and future scalability.

Central scalability theme

Scalability has so far been the central theme of the event with Vitalik Buterin who gave a speech on Serenity yesterday, the name given to an imminent update of the Ethereum network that is expected at some point in 2019.

Serenity, which will be implemented in several phases, will initially see Ethereum move to a Proof-of-Stake consensus model with sharding subsequently introduced as a new model for data archiving.

The improvements, according to Buterin, should offer the possibility for the Ethereum network to contain a thousand-fold increase in transaction volumes.

The participants in the conference were also given a glimpse of the new and imminent iOS mobile app from Metamask which, according to its developers, will act as "a portal to the world of all things #blockchain."

The participants were also treated for a sing-along from the left field at the end of the procedure on the first day before hitting the center of Prague for some "scalability drink". Current live streams from the event are listed on the DevCon4 subreddit.

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