The active Dogecoin addresses (DOGE) hit 93,000 passing both Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash!

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<p>  Dogecoin (DOGE) has become a favorite cryptocurrency for many coin market participants after the altcoin has met more than 120% in the last 30 days A couple of months have passed since a project inside the cryptographic space has gained much attention from Dogecoin: the Dogecoin infrastructure copies that of Bitcoin, some call it "clone" of BTC. </p>
<p>  Looking back, this year has been very busy at the interior of the blockchain and crypt arena A good number of projects have been launched and others have made fundamental progress using the funds raised during the ICO. However, the fate of the majority was a bearish trend and some did not survive the uncertain market of the crypto in 2018 with the topcoin in position 20 in the market capitalization today. </p>
<p>  The success of Dogecoin is attributed to ito to a couple of factors even if the most popular at the moment is the release of "Dogethereum Bridge". s I do not know what investments the Dogecoin team is committed to marketing its brand over time. Today, money is no longer a "joke coin", but it is making the others altcoin look like a joke. The sponsorship of Dogecoin for well-known events such as the Winter Olympics and NASCAR teams has made the encrypted currency popular; It is used for tipping over the Internet! </p>
<h6><strong>  DOGE Prospects Getting Brighter </strong></h6>
<p>  It is not every day that a cryptocurrency receives the attention of researchers and analysts in depth. Well, DOGE has managed to challenge the odds since it began to manifest. <a href= Kevin Rooke a crypt researcher based in Canada, did an analytical research on the Dogecoin project and tweeted it on his handle later,  Kevin Rooke

Dogecoin could be started as a joke, but their community is now the envy of the cryptic world

According to Rooke, 2017 was a bit difficult for DOGE, who acquired his reputation as a "joke" in a imminent market. It is interesting to note that, a year later, the cryptographic currency of DOGE is making all digital resources hopeless. DOGE has conquered market demand from the growing tipping industry in Internet platforms waiting to reward content in the blockchain era!

In addition, statistics show that DOGE has been transformed far more than the popular altcoins like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, both top 10 in the market capitalization. Basically, the Dogecoin network is not a newcomer to large volumes of digital assets exchanged within its blockchain network. While other cryptocurrencies are struggling to acquire users, DOGE enjoys about 93,000 active users according to the no. of active addresses in the last 24 hours. This is much more than what its peer coins; LTC, BCH and DASH are currently waiting.

DOGE Performance Summary

Dogecoin & # 39; s is not only bullish on price action, but also on its fundamental value. The rate of adoption of the project is at the highest levels even if great players like Ethereum slip from frightening margins. In terms of market comparison, Dogecoin achieved better results than the crypto-market index. While the market remained bearish for much of August, Dogecoin earned 159% in its price to trade at $ 0.0063 right now. However, the volatility of Dogecoin has reached a maximum of 70%, almost double the figure recorded by its peer coins. At the moment, Dogecoin is in the green zone after gaining 1.01% in the last 24 hours while 80% of the 10 best altcoins are in a downward trend according to coinmarketcap

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