The 5 main advantages for slower times


The cryptocurrency market has long undergone a significant collapse, leading to some historical lows in the process : while a series of questions are emerging, how will the bearish trend continue? And to what extent will the overall value of the market drag? It's hard to say right now.

Those who are sorry are certainly investors in it for short selling, but if you, like many others, have been involved in the long term, then there are some serious benefits of a bear market that we will not discuss otherwise.

While it is very easy for investors to discourage themselves from the downward trend, altering the time and taking advantage of the net positive benefits, such as those mentioned here, will change your perspective on it.

Separate the wheat from the Straw Crypt to-Wise

For the world of cryptocurrency, Twitter is almost a microcosm of the entire market, with opinions everywhere, especially divided with regard to market performance. When it is on a bullish upside, it is optimistic and openly ecstatic, but when it encounters problems and falls in the downward trend, it can be really hateful of the market.

What does it mean for potential and new buyers? In the past you have "expert experts" who move from dispensing their wise advice to the bile that freely pours onto the market. In the meantime, anyone who has previously written tweets that has excessively inflated their investment potential is wiping out these past comments to make sure no one calls them.

As a result, if it looks like an anarchy on social media, newcomers are better served looking out their window. You gain a little bit of perspective in seeing this circular drama, however, because whenever this kind of "panic" occurs, you are looking for those with the level, or those that provide a more astute analysis of the situation. [19659003] In the end, you will find out who you can trust and you will probably benefit from your choice in experts than if it were a bull market.

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Good coins are dented, not broken, while maleficent coins die on impact

If a market bears teaches you who your friends are, also shows what coins they should be, and which ones were too bad to last Where Twitter and other social media can separate the wheat from the straw of those "experts" affected by reality, then the market, in general, it can help you see which coins get behind

It is also debatable that if there are any coins you knew immediately, they had no prospects, there is a certain morbid pleasure in seeing them tank and subsequently die as a result of their poor system. The same schadenfreude proves valid also with the ICO, but even if it may seem that it is time to take popcorn and watch the fraudulent coins burn, you must also take notes.

Keeping an eye on which coins and ICOs are dying at death, you should pay attention to those coins that are too strong to fail, like future investments, and various other coins and Icos that might emerge from the ashes to defraud generations of investments that have not yet been acquired. While there is another bull market, there will be more scams, and making sure you know who is on the market, you can avoid them while using the coins that have resisted.

It gives you time to go back to School

Anyone who claimed that you could take an exam when you only have a couple of hours obviously did not consider the cryptocurrency market as a possible exam, and it's a good thing. During a bull market, there is never enough time to make a strong observation of the various instruments or events on the market that prove essential for the future growth of your portfolio.

The same is certainly not true for this same bearish turn education. Where you are not confronted with FOMO stress and the immediate gratification of investing in a market moving upwards, there is an incentive for patience and time to positively evaluate the market and make you feel good and truly acclimatized with the way you intend to invest

At the same time, you could learn more about the investment strategy, including how to exploit, improve your ability to provide technical analysis and even to do reliable forecasts on the occurrence of a market reversal.

Work and research done during a bearish turn will have 10 times the advantage when the market returns to the bulls.

Bears hibernate and bear markets build up

While the market has gone into a recession, just because they are in red does not mean that the construction of the portfolio should be put on hold. For anyone who believes that a bullish turn is a matter of time rather than hope, a bear market is when you buy and prepare for it.

Contrary to what happens when it comes to bear markets, especially 2018, now is the time when investors consolidate what they have so far and further develop their portfolios, allowing you to maximize ROI when markets they become optimistic.

If you are one of those investors who have already bought a big advantage, a criptojob can be another way to introduce that cryptocronaca without putting you at an exceptional level of risk.

Bearish = Bird Watching, downward markets allow you to find new interests

Now, while the world of cryptocurrency may be one of the most febrile and exciting markets to engage in, even Forex traders admit that being wired in 100% of the time it can not only be tiring and tedious, but also harmful to the mind, especially when it is completely emotionally invested.

of the undervalued advantages of a market are bearish? No sudden reactions and more time are needed to think about what you, as an individual, need. The downward trend allows you to move away from that (or more) screen (s) and find an outlet, like an old or new hobby.

Time slips away, and it moves much faster than we give it credit, keeping in mind that although the Cryptocurrencies may have been in some existential danger in the past, they will not go anywhere anytime soon, and the same is true for the investment market around them.

You may not be able to move markets directly by yourself, but you have more than enough power to change your circumstances, so why not make them happier by investing time in yourself? The investment, educational and personal decisions you make now, in the darkest depths of this bear market, could be some of the best decisions you can ever make.

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