The 5 best coin mix mixes for bitcoins Every cryptocurrency user needs to know

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Five Facts About Bitcoin Coin Mixer

Although there are many advantages associated with Bitcoin, there is a big disadvantage for many, which is the lack of privacy. Mixing services can counteract the problem by providing some privacy. considering a mixer may want to keep these five points

Coin mixers are used by ordinary people

Contrary to popular belief, coin mixers are not only used by criminals who try to recycle money, but services are also used by ordinary people to remain anonymous.

Coin mixers are used by companies

In addition to ordinary people, companies also use mixers Companies also embrace bitcoin companies that do not they can be rhymed in the market. technology for payroll, keepin information about customers are private and even mask the amount that companies pay to their employees.

Confidence is important

A fundamental point of the mixers is that the person who uses the mixer must have confidence that the mixer will send the funds to the specified address. Therefore, it is important to choose a coin acceptor that has received positive feedback and is known to be a good option in the industry. Those who make the right decision can mitigate the risk involved.

Mixers are not free

The use of a bitcoin mixer has a cost, and is often high. Not only is there a transaction fee, but service providers can change anywhere from 1 to 3% of commissions, which is based on the amount that is shuffled. To illustrate, mix 100 bitcoins have a commission of 3 BTCs.

Government intervention

Governments often control these transactions because of their common use for money laundering. On the other hand, you might also want to consider that the mixers are on the deep web and the government may have trouble reaching them.

One last point – would you really use a technology located in the deep web? ? Usually, this technology is in the deep web because it is not accepted by the main company, it is perceived negatively or has negative qualities associated with it. At the end of the day, you may want to avoid a mixer

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