The 10 best Bitcoin mining pools with advanced technology that you should try once!


A mining pool is a network where miners can contribute their computing power to discover new blocks. As such, each miner gets a reward for his contributions to the success rate of the mining network. The mining pool has become a prominent concept in the encrypted space because it costs more to encrypt individual cryptocurrencies.

Top bitcoin mining pools

The best mining pools of Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining involves a rigorous process and an energy consumption to solve computational puzzles with data mining devices. In this way, there are networks that allow miners to contribute their hash power to increase their chances of finding a new block by reducing the cost of bitcoin mining.

Which mining pool platforms have the best and most efficient bitcoin mining capabilities?


AntPool from Bitmain Technologies Ltd is known for designing innovative bitcoin extraction ASIC chips. Therefore, it is at the top of the list of bitcoin mining pools with the highest blocking success rate since it discovered 16.4% of the existing bitcoin blockchain blocks. Furthermore, the hashish pool rate is currently 8,192.71 EH / s.

Antpool bitmain came into operation in 2016, which currently operates at a hash rate of 8.07 EH / s. In addition, some of the innovative features of the platform are the complete pay-per-share payment mechanism (FPPS), the BTC intelligent agent and the mining profit calculator.


BTC.TOP detects 10.26% of the total blocks of the bitcoin blockchain with a current hash frequency of 5.56 EH / s.


F2pool also discovers 11.32% of the existing blocks on the blockchain. Furthermore, the data mining pool has a hash frequency of 6.14 EH / s. The minimum bitcoin amount of the platform that can be taken is 0.001 BTC. It uses vardiff and a data mining protocol

Bitcoin blockchain


Satoshi Labs' Slush Pool is one of the user-friendly mining pools in the crypt space. It has a hash frequency of 4.98 EH / s, as such, it is fifth in the list of mining pools with the highest success rate of block detection.


ViaBTC has a current hash frequency of 4.04 EH / s, and discovers 8.12% of the total blocks on the bitcoin blockchain. In addition, it supports both PPS and PPLNS payment methods.

Huobi pool

The current hash rate of the Huobi pool is 1.27 EH / s and reveals 2.35% of the existing bitcoin blockchain blocks. In addition, it has a native token called Huobi Pool Token (HPT). They also connect to the crypt exchange platform of Huobi.

Huobi pool


Bitfury is a private pool, so it is not available for individual miners. At the moment, the mining pool has a hash rate of 1.16 EH / s and discovers 1.16 of the existing blockchain blocks.


The 1.52 EH / s hash rate of Dpool is currently the ninth most successful bitcoin mining pool in cryptographic space. The platform discovered 2.56% of the blockchain's existing blocks.


Poolin is the eight most successful mining pool as it has a hash rate of 1.39 EH / s. in addition, it also has a dubbed PIN with a native token.

bitcoin pools for beginners


The above platforms are currently the best cryptographic space mining pools. However, miners should consider the pros and cons of each before choosing a mining pool.

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