That's why Tron (TRX) could be on the radar of a major media company "Hollywood"



We have seen it over and over again with the 5 best cryptographic resources. Whenever the general cryptic community is all bullish on a coin, Wall Street comes out of nowhere and begins to offer financial derivatives of the currency or holds digital assets by the hand to make it bigger. We have seen this with Bitcoin (BTC) and with future contracts offered by CME and CBOE. We have seen this with XRP, LTC and ETH with UK-based Crypto Facilities, which currently offers forward products based on these digital assets.

The thing about Futures contracts, many Crypto fans do not like. They allow you to bet against a digital asset and actually expect it to accumulate in the markets. It is similar to the short circuit. This means "borrowing" a digital asset at a certain high level, then selling it immediately with the hope of repurchasing it when it becomes cheaper. If that were to happen, profit by pocketing the difference. Maybe it's time for encryption enthusiasts to become skilled traders and start shorting their favorite digital assets? HODLing seems to cause widespread heartache

Returning to the TRX is only a matter of time before the project attracts the attention of an important media-based society in a way similar to how attracted XRP SBI Holdings. Unlike XRP, TRX is not so focused on the remittance sector, so a media company would be more applicable. Hollywood is known to be the center of the media. This includes music, movies and reality. It is therefore no coincidence that Tron has an office in San Francisco.

Considering the fact that musical artists bring home only 12% of the revenues of their lovable music, it may be time to decentralize the media sector using TRON.

But which media company would be crazy enough to risk losing its profits by decentralizing the distribution of music / films and payments?

This would be a bold step on the part of a media society because they risk being conquered by the technology that they will be promoting. But being the first on the market to offer blockchain solutions to creative content for artists, such a company would position itself as the next iTunes or Spotify or Tidal on the blockchain. Perhaps even these three companies are already looking at the Tron Project from afar and send the so-called emissaries to Justin Sun. Furthermore, since it has acquired the BitTorrent file sharing platform. Think about the possibilities of a decentralized music industry!

Yes. All this is speculation. But remember that great men and women in technology have always been known as dreamers and visionaries. At first, their ideas seem crazy just to be caressed on their shoulders a few years after the line when their ideas become mainstream. Think of Tesla and his vision of a wireless means of communication and energy transfer. Think of Marie Curie and her research on radioactivity. Think of Einstein and his theory of relativity. They were a few years ahead of their time with their ideas and now we can not live without their 'dreams'. of a better future.

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