Ternio Blockchain Company is back with BlockCard- New Crypto credit card


Ternio was born in 2017, offering an extremely intense scalable blockchain framework, Lexicon specific for corporate clients. According to this company, Lexicon performs an independent audit of approximately 1 million transactions per second, even on a chain.

Ternio has brought transparency to programmatic virtual advertising using the Lexicon framework. It is said to be the only scalable blockchain solution for "programmatic digital advertising". In addition, ongoing businesses that work in the ad supply chain use Lexicon for user verification, instant payment publishers, and to protect advertisers from advertising scams.

The company reports that this new encrypted debit card – BlockCard allows the cardholder to bestow the value of cryptocurrency with the same flexibility as traditional credit cards. A user can use BlockCard online or in any physical store.

They can spend their encrypted money where most of the credit cards in the world are acceptable. While revealing the details of BlockCard, the COO and founder of Ternio, Ian Kane states:

The goal of Ternio is to accelerate the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency in everyday life. BlockCard allows the cardholder to get a real utility from his cryptocurrency and removes the idea that cryptography is just a speculative asset.

Meanwhile, BlockCard now supports four cryptocurrencies: Ternio, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar Lumens. The company also notes that customers who have one of these cryptocurrencies can now deposit into their BlockCard account immediately after the registration process.

Ternio plans to add more currencies in the coming months. There are more options and options available to BlockCard ™ users. In addition, they can choose between a digital and a physical card. Customers who opt for a physical BlockCard ™ can choose between a plastic version and a metal card.

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Ternio Blockchain Company is back with BlockCard- New Crypto credit card

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Ternio Blockchain Company is back with BlockCard- New Crypto credit card


Ternio Blockchain Company that yesterday launched BlockCard, a cryptocurrency debit card to allow its users to play with cryptocurrencies. Read the complete news.


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