Tencent's China warns of bugs in the NEO blockchain that allows hackers to steal remote tokens


The Tencent Security Joint Lab has notified users of the Neo (NEO) blockchain of a potential bug that allows hackers to remotely steal native blockchain tokens. The vulnerability affects the most common Gas tokens (GAS). The team communicated the cryptography and blockchain community via the popular Weibo microblogging website.

The notification was translated by Google and reads as follows:

Blockchain crisis of re-explosive money! @ 腾讯 湛 泸 Lab Monitoring of the famous blockchain NEO project (corresponding to the "ant coin" digital currency) has the risk of remote piracy.

When a user starts the NEO network node with the default configuration and opens the wallet, the digital currency can be stolen remotely.

Tencent Security Zhanyi Lab presented a risk warning to the NEO development community and reminded NEO nodes maintainers and "small ants" holders to pay attention to portfolio security, update the client version on time and lend attention to abnormal transfer behavior.

How to avoid attacks

The Tencent security arm team continued to advise the NEO community on how to avoid attacks. They advised the following actions to prevent the loss of token:

  • Switch to the highest version of the NEO-CLI client program
  • Avoid using the remote RPC function, change the BindAddress address in the configuration file to
  • If you need to use the remote RPC functions, change the RPC port number, enable the Https-based port of the JSON-RPC-based interface, or configure a firewall, etc. To protect the security node

About NEO

Nicknamed "The Ethereum of China", NEO is the next generation smart economy platform. The project aims to digitize resources and automate the management process through smart contracts. With blockchain technology, the digitalisation of resources can be decentralized, secure, traceable, transparent and free of intermediaries.

NEO is currently in 17th place on Coinmarketcap with a market capitalization of $ 528 million and a value of $ 5.81 per currency at the time of writing this. At the height of the crypt run last December in February this year, the NEO was valued at $ 191 bringing many cryptocurrency traders to conclude that it was the hardest hit by online encryption bans in China.

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