Telegram updates the privacy policy, but "Continue its resistance"


On 14 August, the messenger of an entrepreneur and programmer Pavel Durov, Telegram has completely updated the privacy policy. According to the innovations, the management of the messenger now has the right to pass the IP addresses and phone numbers of users suspected of terrorism to special services. Such actions are possible if the forces of the order send a request to Telegram, attaching a court decision to it

Durov commented on the decision in his channel Telegram :

"[19659008] Regardless of whether they will use this right [providing info on terrorists] such a measure should make Telegram less attractive to those who are sending terrorist propaganda here. "

According to the creator of Telegram, changes in privacy policy mainly concern Entry into force of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They are unlikely to cause the Russian authorities to unlock the messenger in the country, as the FSB needs to access all users' correspondence.

" In this regard, we do not consider any appeal by the Russian services, and our privacy policy does not concern the situation in Russia, so we continue to resist, ," he concluded.

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