Technical analysis EOS, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Monero, Cardano (ADA)

At a second glance, there is an inversion of the low-level Altcoin loss in progress. Prices are in red but with a five percent increase in Bitcoin over the same period, we could see higher highs in EOS, Litecoin, Monero, Stellar and Cardano (ADA) today if not for the rest of the week. The reason is simple: Bitcoin leads the altcoin market. Since most are anchored to it, any gain or loss in Bitcoin would attract altcoins in that direction regardless of the specific fundamentals of the coins in question.

Let's take a look at these graphs:

EOS Technical Analysis

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  • Komodo has prepared the ground for atomic exchanges, in which users can exchange their cryptocurrencies with another without third parties. The sources are EOS-BTC atomic swap is on the cards and could pass this week courtesy of Online .

Technical analysis

  EOS Technical analysis

EOS Daily Chart of Trading View [19659009] Although it is positive that EOS prices continue to be exchanged by 27 August with a tendency to define the candlestick, our EOS commercial plan remains solid and tightening for the scalpers.

Prices are traded within a narrow trading range and according to our early iterations, candlestick agreement requires trading only when prices are above $ 5.5 or below $ 4.5 – our limit lower.

Before that, we suggest taking a neutral position that the longer the markets accumulate, the stronger the break will be.

Litecoin (LTC) Technical Analysis

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  • There is a discontent in the cryptic verse mainly due to the inactivity of Litecoin's GitHub. As one of the largest cryptocurrencies with a vibrant community, many expect a large number of chain upgrades, but contrary to expectations, it has been a no show for four consecutive months. The latest update came after their partnership with CoinBase on Shift Visa Debit Card based on GitHub rankings data.

Technical analysis

  Litecoin technical analysis (LTC)

Litecoin daily chart of Trading View

Our last recommendation Litecoin was to go long after the end of the highest highs of the last week. While we will stick to this projection, the fact that the market could slip back and return to bearish as in the last eight months is destabilizing.

Note that the two percent loss yesterday could trigger further lower lows but before the conservative sales and triggering purchases at $ 50 and $ 65- $ 70 are hit, our longs would remain as they are.

Technically, the short-term bulls would be live once the 17 August threshold was reached at $ 62 and this is the recovery we are anchoring our awakening on

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Technical Analysis

From the news [19659005] Withdrawals in USD, Euro will now be possible on the star network via the WSD coin of Fintech LTD. Fintech LTD is a DEX on the star network.

Technical analysis

  Stelllar Lumens (XLM) Technical analysis

Luminous stellar daily chart for Trading View

In addition to the consolidation trend of 19 days inside the August 8th bear candlestick alto and low and moving by 22 cents, Stellar Lumens prices are finding support along the monthly support trend line as our chart shows.

Following the previous analysis of the prices of the Luminous stars, the XLM risk traders are advised to go for a long time to XLM over 26 cents on the upside.

On the downside, sellers can tow with the general slide if there is a drop below 18 cents, which doubles as lows of 2018.

Monero (XMR) Technical Analysis

  Monero (XMR) Technical Analysis

Monero Daily Chart by Trading View

It is a stalemate with regard to the Monero price action. Despite the jump of capitalization bringing back the currency in the top 10, traders have not recorded significant gains in the last week and technically Monero is a sell

Initial support is $ 70 and for short-term buyers comeback then we have to see prices fall over August 18 Evening Star highs to $ 110. Next, we suggest buying on arrests with $ 100 arrests and first targets at $ 150.

Cardano Technical Analysis (ADA)

  Technical Analysis Cardano (ADA)

Cardano daily chart for Trading View

weekly, Cardano (ADA) is down by seven percent and trades inside a breakout scheme activated by the large candle holder of the August 8th.

Selling candelabra that broke below 12 cents, our main trend line ushered in a wave of sales pressure and at current prices, chances are that ADA will find the next support at 7 cents which is the historical minimum of ADA.

If there was a recovery then it is likely that buyers could push prices to 12 cents before returning to 7 cents or less.

Although our Cardano (ADA) business plan is active and we continue to sell, any boss above 10 cents cancels this business plan.

Disclaimer: This is not advice and investment opinions represent that of the author and not NewsBTC. Do your research before making an investment decision.

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