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Historical images! China has activated its “artificial sun”

According to the Xinhua agency report, the China National Nuclear Association (CNNC) used China’s largest and most advanced nuclear fusion research device HL-2M Tokamak to simulate natural reactions occurring to the Sun using hydrogen and gas. heavy hydrogen. announced that it was designed. HL-2M Tokamak, which scientists hope has the …

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Covid vaccinations in Wales and Northern Ireland will begin on Tuesday

C.Colleagues paid tribute to a “kindhearted” clinical psychologist who died after contracting Covid-19, reports the BBC. Dr. Kalli Mantala-Bozos, 50, who has four children, worked at the Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Center in Halifax, Calderdale, and died on November 26. Dr. Mantala-Bozos, who was also a well-known figure in …

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The famous singer revealed her sex life

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