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Crypto will be useful but Bitcoin is difficult to understand, says the CEO of SoftBank

While the current cryptocurrency bull run is spurring cryptocurrency adoption, some billionaire investors still find Bitcoin (BTC) to be something of a distraction. Masayoshi Son, a billionaire tech entrepreneur and CEO of Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, said he “doesn’t understand” Bitcoin amidst cryptocurrency breaking its three-year highs. Speaking at the New …

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Blockchain: understand before signing

Source: Janzen Ag law This year the blockchain has moved from the word little known to an early adopter technology. If you're lost, blockchain is a generalized accounting tool that promises better record keeping and reduced transaction costs. For agriculture, this means easier traceability of products from the farm to …

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Blockchain issues Any potential user should understand

The hype blockchain may have exceeded its ability to meet expectations to transform many industries and reach technological benchmarks. In this article there are 4 problems concerning blockchain that any potential user should understand. Computer energy Blockchain uses cryptography to provide security and establish a consensus on the circulated network. …

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