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Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services market 2020, share, size, research report, growth trends, revenue, segmentation

Global Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services: With a Significant CAGR Growing During the 2020-2026 Forecast Latest research report on blockchain in the banking and financial services market covering market overview, future economic impact, producer competition, supply (production) and consumption analysis Understand the influence of COVID-19 on the Blockchain in …

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There will be a Leonid meteor shower in the sky this week

The flux of Leonid meteors is observed in mid-November of each year, as Earth’s orbit crosses the orbit of Comet Tempel-Tatla. The name of the stream “Leonidas” is linked to the fact that its radiant is found in the constellation of Leo. However, in order to observe the glorious sight, …

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Report from the World Trade Organization and Global Trade Finance

“Of particular interest for the digitalization of commerce are projects that exploit distributed ledger technology (DLT), commonly referred to as Blockchain. The tamper-proof, decentralized and distributed nature of DLT makes it an interesting tool for breaking the silos that hinder international trade. Many projects that were still in the exploratory …

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