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Blockchain Fuel Register in Development

[ad_2][ad_1] Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL), a partnership established by Lloyd's Register Foundation and BLOC, has announced its first demonstrator project, a set-up and a phase of further development. MBL, which explores the applications of blockchain for the assurance and safety of critical infrastructure, According to a statement, the next step …

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The dollar for the dollar, fabricating cryptocurrency sucks up more energy & # 39; with respect to the extraction of gold, copper, etc. • The register

[ad_1] Cryptocurrencies require much, if not more, energy to extract precious metals like copper, gold or platinum, according to some more recent calculations. The figures were noted by Max Krause, a researcher at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, and Thabet Toloymat, an environmental engineer who works in …

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Ripple promises to address the historical data problems of the XRP register with the Sharding history for the rippled version 0.90.0

[ad_2][ad_1] Ripple has just announced the introduction of its history-sharding protocol to address all data-related problems associated with the Led XRP registry. With this new system, registers will no longer need to store all the chronology in the XRP ledger. The history splitting feature will be available on Rippled version …

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