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Artificial intelligence solves biology’s “great challenge” 50 years before experts predicted

[ad_1] A long-standing and incredibly complex scientific problem regarding the structure and behavior of proteins has been effectively solved by a new artificial intelligence (AI) system, the scientists report. DeepMind, the UK-based artificial intelligence company, has been thrilling us for years with its parade of ever-changing neural networks that continually …

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“Breakthrough”: DeepMind AI solves a 50-year problem with protein structure – Life Sciences

[ad_1] An artificial intelligence program has solved a scientific problem in an “extraordinary advance” in the understanding of life, reports The Guardian. After gaining notoriety for its superhuman performance in game simulations, artificial intelligence group DeepMind has solved a scientific problem that eluded researchers for more than 50 years. AlphaFold, …

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The mystery behind an enigmatic organelle has been solved

[ad_1] Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.November 25, 2020 Carbon is one of the main building blocks of life on Earth. It is abundant in the atmosphere of our planet, where it is found in the form of carbon dioxide. Carbon makes its way into the bodies of earthlings primarily through …

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