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From a teen dream to a $ 38 billion blockchain

It would appear that five years is a relatively short time for an information technology company, but Ethereum has made colossal progress during this time, moving from its initial coin offering project to the largest blockchain platform, running around 2,000 decentralized applications. . Today, the market capitalization of its native …

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Bitcoin: Blockchain and the dream of new money

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, a new form of money was born, something that promised even the financial fields and democratized money as we know it … This documentary follows the start-ups in the Philippines using cryptocurrency to help access without limits of money, without the need …

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Payments with Bitcoin are a distant dream when use dries up

The use of bitcoins for commercial payments has decreased dramatically this year, even if the original digital currency starts to meet one of the basic characteristics of any payment currency: stability. The value of the bitcoins managed by the main payment processors decreased by 80% in the year to September, …

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