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On Blockchain Voting – Security Boulevard

[ad_2][ad_1] Blockchain voting is an incredibly stupid idea for a variety of reasons. I have generally quoted Matt Blaze: Why is blockchain voting a stupid idea? I’m glad you asked. For beginners: It does not solve any problems that civil elections actually have. It is fundamentally incompatible with “software independence” …

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Limitations of Blockchain technology – Security Boulevard

[ad_2][ad_1] The elephant in the room is the viability and sustainability of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency mining, for example, requires specialized plants that consume electricity. In some estimates, at the time of writing, the energy consumption of the bitcoin network reached 41 globally if it was a country. This means that …

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AntiCoinMiner mining campaign – Security Boulevard

[ad_1] The Coinminer malware has been on the rise for some time. As more and more users become aware of this threat and try to take measures to protect themselves, cybercriminals attempt to cash in on that fear by serving crypto-miner malware from a Web site that claims to offer …

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