Study ranking the most popular criptos in Mexico: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple


The results of the first study on cryptocurrencies conducted in Mexico have been released. The study ranks the most popular digital resources based on 1,416 mobile phone users. Bitcoin drove like the best known, followed by Bitcoin Cash.

After Brazil, Mexico is the second largest purchaser of cryptocurrencies in Latin America.

Highlights of the study
The most recognized cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin 61.2%
  • Bitcoin Cash 38.8%
  • Litecoin 16%
  • Ethereum 15.5%
  • Ripple 12 , 8%
Percentage of participants who bought or used cryptocurrencies at a time
How people use their cryptocurrencies [19659006] for online purchases and payments 35.2%
  • for long-term earnings 32, 5%
  • for short-term gains 20.5%
  • Of the people who bought cryptography, percentage that bought
    • Bitcoin 72.8% [19659007] Ethereum 18.1%
    • Bitcoin Cash 14 , 4%
    • Ripple 13.9%
    • Litecoin 13.6%
    Among the people who bought crypto, percentage that is eating
    • Ripple 61.5%
    • Litecoin 54.9%
    • Ethereum 45,6%
    • Bitcoin 45.1%
    • Money bit Cash 40.7%
    Percentage of participants who currently do not possess gift or have never owned crypto but who would like to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the next 6 months
    Of those who are not interested in cryptography, [19659006] 47.4% say they are afraid of frauds
  • % say they did not understand it enough
  • 30.5% say they do not have enough support
  • 29.9% say they fear that the scrambles accumulate in value
  • The most popular online platform for purchase of cryptocurrencies
    • 40.6%
    • Local Bitcoins 13.2%
    • Bittrex 11.8%
    Most popular app for the purchase of cryptocurrencies
    • Bitcoin Wallet 37.9% [19659007] Bitso 31.7%
    • Plus500 13.2%

    The study, called MX18 Cryptometer, was conducted between 22 May and 5 June 2018 from Psyma research company in collaboration with Fiinlab, the innovation laboratory of Gentera; Wisum, a direct survey platform for mobile phone users; and Bitso, the largest Mexican exchange of Bitcoin.

    Eighty percent of the participants were under 40; 62.2% of men and 37.8% of women; 33.2% from Mexico City and the State of Mexico; 29.9% from other states; 21.5% from Jalisco and 15.4% from Nuevo León.

    The aim of the study is to increase the general knowledge of Bitcoin and to generate more information on how cryptocurrencies are providing a path to financial inclusion and a bridge to the new digital economy.

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