Steve Wozniak breaks the new blockchain ground


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is about to start working with a blockchain venture for the first time.

"[It’s] called Equi … Our approach is not like a new currency, or something fake in which an event will make it rise in value." It's a share of shares in a company " , states in an interview with Null TX.

"This company is making investments from investors with huge track records in good investments in buildings such as condominiums in Dubai. We have a person in our group who has listed an entire condo for Bitcoin … We may be starting up in Malta during their blockchain conference Some countries are very optimistic about [blockchain] the same way they were about electric vehicles. "

Rules on Bitcoins

Elsewhere, Wozniak talks about his interest in Bitcoin. "I like keeping up with things … Bitcoin caught my attention, it had so many unusual aspects of any technology I'd ever heard of," he says. "No one is known to be the creator.It has no centralized [component] It is based on mathematics.There are a number of Bitcoins that can exist … Mathematics for me is like nature. of human beings … I trust in those things of nature more than what the man composes.The man makes currencies, checks them, issues new US dollars each year, Bitcoin is immune to this. "

He initially struggled to put his head on blockchain technology, but now he has high hopes for it. "It's not something you understand in a day." "Think about it, read more about it and how it works, and then see how people actually start using it, through the mining process and even verifying it and, aha! ! "

Adds:" It's so independent, it's a bit like the Internet when it was brand new … I was amazed at the technology behind it, people start businesses that do other things in life. I met people who work in real estate boulevards, types of Uber systems, everything we have in our lives, especially in transactions – retail sales, car sales, production of goods … working on Bitcoin applications … and all they have a value: every single you hear, for me, has a value … Some people can see the value, which reminds me a lot of the first days of the internet. "

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