Steve Perry talks about the realization of his first solo album in more than two decades, "Tracce" (video)

STEVE PERRY talks about making his first solo album in over two decades,

In the video of nine minutes in a row, ex TRAVEL singer Steve Perry discusses the realization of "Traces", his first solo album in over two decades. The disc is scheduled for October 5 via Fantasy record (a division of Concord Records/UMG).

"Traces" vote PerryThe first solo album since 1994 "For the love of strange medicine", which has been certified as gold in the United States for sales of over half a million copies.

Perry say "Scott Shannon In The Morning" about his decision to leave the music for more than 20 years: "The band was really, really lucky to be successful, and at some point, I got a bit 'toasted, a little' burned and coupled with a serious touring program, and, as I said, being crispy, and throughout the day, we all had a little bit of what we might call "extra party behavior", perhaps – and when we put the "party behaviors" together with a little burnt out, I was toast.

"It was an unpopular decision that came to my mind at the time, which was just to stop," he continued. "And I told the band, and they were not happy, but the most important thing that interested me was the fans, because I knew it would be a painful decision for me to leave, but sometimes you just have to take care of yourself, even if It hurts to do it – you have to do it. "

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Asked if he had planned to be gone for so long, Perry he replied: "I did it not plan to be gone for so long. But once I stopped, there was something exceptional about stopping. I came back to my hometown and went out with my friends. I drove my bike on these country roads to the outskirts of Fresno, where I was born and raised, and I have to tell you – there was something cathartic about stopping. "

Perry he reiterated a previous comment he made about wanting to "be a person again" after his departure from TRAVEL. "I think it's pretty accurate," he said. "I just wanted to get out of the limelight: to be successful in a band like that, it was like … I know it sounds a bit selfish, but actually it was a little bit like going around the earth – you're a kind of up there, you have to come down, you have to land, you have to touch you, you have to go back to your city and be yourself, not the guy who was on stage every night.

"But I have to tell you – I missed it, and it was terrible!" He admitted. "It was a detoxification in its own way, you know? Because the adoration of the fans every night and the applause and the possibility of living the dream … Because I came from a small town, and it was a dream to enter the musical business to start, but to be able to succeed like TRAVEL it was, it was a dream come true, so walking was difficult ".

"Traces" track list:

01. No Erasin & # 39; (04:07)

Writers: Steve Perry, David Spreng

02. We are still here (04:06)

Writers: Steve Perry, Brian West

03. Mostly (4.23)

Writers: Steve Perry, Randy Goodrem

04. No More Cryin & # 39; (04:29)

Writers: Dan Wilson, Steve Perry

05. In the rain (04:06)

Writers: Steve Perry, David Spreng

06. The sun is shining in gray (03:57)

Writers: Steve Perry, John 5, Thom Flowers

07. You belong to me (04:07)

Writers: Steve Perry, Barry Eastmond

08. Easy to love (04:03)

Writers: Steve Perry, Thom Flowers

09. I need you (02:59)

Writers: Steve Perry, George Harrison

10. We fly (03:56)

Writers: Steve Perry, Jeff Babko

Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:

11. October In New York (deluxe edition only)

12. angel's eyes (deluxe edition only)

13. you can count on me (deluxe edition only)

14. We could be something again (deluxe edition only)

15. Blue Jays Fly (deluxe edition only)

PerryThe last complete concert with TRAVEL took place at the beginning of 1987. He later reunited with his bandmates for a short performance in 1991 to honor the late concert promoter Bill Graham. He also appeared with TRAVEL when they received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005.

The singer has been added, together with his old band, in 2017 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony in Brooklyn, New York.

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