Stellar Lumens (XLM) Possible future $ 1.00 of interstellar mark and announcement


In the case of companies dedicated to facilitating payments between individuals, the choice of which blockchain to use and which fintech to employ is of vital importance for their growth. However, the relationship between fitnechs based on cryptography and fiat ended with a growth in the exposure of digital currencies.

In the case of blockchains specialized in providing solutions to banks and payment providers to process cross-border transactions, 2 are the blockchains that currently dominate the sphere: Stellar and XRP.

Stellar (XLM) Development Strategy

As explained above the sixth largest coin by market capitalization Stellar Lumens (XLM) focuses on the expansion of its partnership list so that its optimization technology the transfer of payments, which is constantly improved by the team, is delivered to a wider scope. During the creation of the architecture it needs, the team behind the fast currency is taking a lot of hits lately. At the same time, he experienced one of the best performances on the market.

To get to what the stock is highlighting and how there is a chance that the XLM / USD pair can change hands at the high $ 1.00 early, we have to start at the bottom.

One of the key moves that the company behind Stellar Lumens has taken during his lifetime in the crypto-versa is collaborating with IBM. IBM has announced the new "Blockchain World Wire" offering a "new financial railway that can simultaneously liquidate and settle cross-border payments almost in real time". Prior to this, the technology giant has made public how using the sixth largest money blockchain technology solution will develop a stable currency supported 1 for 1 with the dollar.

"The sending of money across borders today requires a series of intermediaries for both clearing and settlement, each of which adds time and costs to the process, with IBM Blockchain World Wire, clearing and settlement with purpose occur almost in real time.The solution uses digital resources to settle transactions "

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Obviously, the aforementioned could have a impact on the XLM price in future long-term planning. However, a surprise could hide behind the door for all XLM token holders who keep them safe in their favorite digital wallets.

Returning to a tweet three months ago, Coinbase announced that it is exploring various currencies throughout the market that could be a new resource for its listing.

Being one of the world's largest and leading trading platforms, Coinbase decides to add XLM as a trade option it could raise its value regardless of the market trend that is occurring at that particular moment. The impact that Coinbase has on a currency following its addition to the platform has been witnessed by the performance of ETC / USD. Being technologically one of the strongest and most promising currencies, Stellar's XLM is really considering a good hand to reach over $ 1.00 in the medium term.

Lightyear or Lightyear Corporation as acquired Chain Inc., which led to the formation of both the rebranded new interstellar. Interstellar will help organizations build on the star network; Stellar Development Foundation to remain independent. According to the average interstellar post.

As highlighted in the blog post, Jed McCaleb – co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation will be CTO of Interstellar. Adam Ludwin – CEO of Chain, will be the CEO of Interstellar.

"The Chain team has led the market for corporate adoption of blockchain technology, which is a key component for building a future in which money and digital resources move across open protocols," said Jed McCaleb. "We are thrilled to join forces to help organizations build Stellar."

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