Spend your XRP on Starbucks, Amazon, Nike and many more on Bitcoin Superstore


Finally, Brad Garlinghouse's prophecy is coming true. The XRP qualities continue to attract users and with the addition of XRP on Bitcoin Superstore, the excitement is palpable in the XRP and Ripple communities. At the start of this year, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, said the only way to decouple XRP from Bitcoin's influence is through mass adoption.

That mass adoption has founded the now famous statement that XRP has much more utility than speculation and in fact Ripple has gone ahead and donated a couple of million dollars to different foundations charity and humanitarian causes. The initial reaction was playful, but moving from a recent development and a partnership in recent weeks, Ripple had the last laugh.

Spend XRP at Bitcoin Superstore

Using XRP, Bitcoin Superstore users have options and can now opt for a quick and almost instant settlement offered by XRP. Furthermore, there is the cost element that is incomparable. The XRP has proven to be economical not only for the user but for merchants who accept payments in XRP.

Through Bitcoin Superstores, users can now purchase at major stores like Amazon, eBay, among others. That's not all. Users can easily purchase gift or retail e-cards from famous brands such as Nike, Amazon, Visa or Starbucks.

Over 200,000 online stores support XRP

In addition, now that users can purchase items or services from 200,000 online stores, the purchase process has been reduced to a minimum. Once you have logged in to the Bitcoin supercenter, all you need to do is enter the product name, the URL of the site you are shopping from, the costs and shipping costs before you check out. the regulation on XRP.

This is not the first partnership that XRP has had while leading towards the global adoption of XRP. Recently, they signed an agreement with Wirex that saw the creation of XRP portfolios that allows easy interaction and payment of invoices via XRP.

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