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SpaceX hails its 100th successful launch and the spaceship has been spotted with a NASA logo. Why have there been so many delays? His Moss Readings: SpaceX Edition # 213.

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Take off! SpaceX has successfully launched 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, the 15th lot in total. The company hailed the launch as its 100th successful Falcon flight – its 105th total launch with the inclusion of five failed launches. Of those 100, SpaceX landed a booster 63 times and relaunched a booster 45 times. The company claims the Falcon 9 has become the most flown operational rocket in the United States. After the successful launch, SpaceX shared an impressive 100-flight compilation video on YouTube.

Starlink had a good week after launch too. The Internet connectivity constellation is expected to bring high-speed, low-latency Internet using a large number of satellites, starting with an ongoing beta test in the northern United States and Canada. Last week, the Ector County Independent School District in Odessa, Texas became the first school district to agree to use Starlink. The initiative will see 45 families receive free internet access in early 2021, expanding to 90 families over time. This will help a portion of 39% of local households who do not have limited internet access.

Last week, Microsoft also announced plans to use Starlink with its Azure Space cloud computing initiative, which means groups can deploy their own storage container datacenter in “harsh environments” and connect online. This will help even the most remote groups to access the high-speed Internet. Read more.

What are the prospects for SpaceX: SpaceX is expected to launch the NROL-108 mission for the US National Reconnaissance Office later this month. The launch will take place at Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39-A in Florida.

SpaceX Starship

Is SpaceX about to unveil its lunar model of the spaceship? A new image this week shows a component decorated with the NASA “worm” logo at the company’s Boca Chica plant. SpaceX was selected in April as one of three companies to develop a lunar lander for NASA’s Artemis project, kicking off a 10-month process. The photo is one of the first sightings in real life of what this project might look like in practice. Read more.

Last week, SpaceX also launched the prototype triple-engine “SN8” starship in an impressive sight ahead of its planned jump test. Read more.

Musk Reads mailroom

Kim Kaiser writes:

Why so many [cancellations] this summer. With little / no information. Is it weather, ground support, Falcon 9 or load problems?

Time has played an important role, but there are a variety of factors at play. We have seen bad weather, rough sea, is bad conditions in the flight path. We also encountered problems with upper stage cameras.

One thing to keep in mind is that SpaceX has launched more used rockets this year than any other year. SpaceXStats tracked 17 used Falcon 9 launches, beating 11 launches in 2018. SpaceX delayed the ANASIS-II and the 10th Starlink mission to allow more time for checkouts. Perhaps this explains why Musk has asked for further improvements to hit 48 launches next year.

Jim Palashoff writes:

Is anyone working on a Starman story, book or movie? Maybe Elon should have a contest with a big prize for best first contact with Starman. Just a thought. I know I have a couple of ideas and I’m not a writer, just a science fiction / facts fan.

I know at least one. Check-out The Adventures of Starman, a fun graphic novel created by Eli Burton. The three-part series sees Starman take off in the red Roadster, taking on Big Oil and more.

Do you have any ideas for the kind of adventures you would like to see Starman take on? Send them to the usual address below!

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SpaceX’s lunar spaceship emerges. Read more.

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A version of this article appeared in the “Musk Reads” newsletter. Register for free here.

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