Soulja Boy hugs Bitcoin on a new track


Soulja Boy, the American rapper who became famous all over the world thanks to his mega success, "Crank That", released a new album entitled "Young Drako." While much of the album focuses on traditional rap subjects, one track of the album, "Bitcoin" focuses on the love of artists for cryptocurrency and its alleged success making money as a trader.

While the lyrics remain clear on the details of Soulja Boy's trading strategies, the enthusiasm of the cryptographic rapper is evident throughout the process. The song was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. The overall project seems to have received a lukewarm response from the hip-hop community, with the overall evaluation by hotnewhiphop currently sitting at "not feeling it".

The commercial success of Soulja

In the chorus of the choreography Soulja claims to have "spent 6000 on a bitcoin", although it is not clear if this means that Soulja's initial purchase price has been canceled to $ 6,000. In any case, the price of bitcoin (BTC) 00 it was about $ 6,550 at noon EST. With a purchase price of $ 6,000, Soulja is up about 9.2% on its investment.

In the first line, Soulja refers to the use of Cash App and PayPal for the management of its cryptocurrency transactions. In addition to referring to his purchase of BTC through his computer, the rest of the verse covers a well-beaten ground for rappers, with Soulja stating that his fortune derived from BTC allowed him to successfully woo the lover of a rival.

On the traces of the second and last verse, Soulja makes more direct statements about his love for cryptocurrency, noting that he holds both Bitcoin and Litecoin in his portfolio.

Wake up in the morning and account for my funds
Run for money like a marathon
I have some light coins, bitcoins, my favorite ones

The verse captures feelings that seem trivial among traders, not just among the crypto-currency, in particular the thrill of profitable trades and the accumulation of wealth. The song also contains allusions to Bitcoin's performance compared to the stock market, as well as the 24/7 nature of cryptocurrency markets. Which cryptographic trader does not refer to checking the price of Bitcoin immediately after waking up in the morning?

Soulja Boy

Do rappers embrace cryptography?

This is not the first time that the rap community has engaged with the cryptography industry. Ripple famously hired Snoop Dogg to perform during the company's party during the 2018 Blockchain week in New York. Another rap star, Eminem cited Bitcoin in his most recent album, "Kamikaze".

Soulja Boy has been in the news for his other business ventures not rap. In September 2018 Soulja Boy revealed that he had bought a subway sandwich shop, although apparently he had difficulty maintaining an ordered work schedule for store employees.

What is Soulja's next foray into the cryptocurrency market? Soulja leaves a cryptic sign in the protest of the songs, rappare "I took bitcoin, I took Litecoin, I'm going digital, Soulja!"

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