Soluna to build a wind farm in the Sahara to feed its blockchain structure

  The sun begins to set on a field of wind turbines.

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The blockchain company Soluna plans to build a 900-megawatt wind farm in the Dakhla, Western Sahara administered by Morocco, to power its block center, according to Reuters.

Construction will begin in 2019 and is expected to be completed in five years, with the ability to connect power from the farm to Morocco's national network, Soluna CEO John Belizaire told Reuters. Reportedly, the completion of the structure would cost $ 1.4 billion to $ 2.5 billion

. The site will be 37,000 acres in one of the windiest climates, perfect for a wind farm that feeds a large blockchain processing center that requires huge amounts of electricity.

Belizaire told Reuters that Soluna will not exchange cryptocurrency in Morocco because of warnings from local officials about the use of the currency, but will support the blockchain networks by offering computational capabilities to foreign companies in exchange for foreign currency.

At this point, who is not extracting the cryptocurrency? Even Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in July that he was mining Ethereum.

Soluna is also supported by Brookstone Partners, a US private equity firm, and may seek large institutional investors in the future.

Soluna and the Moroccan embassy did not respond to requests for comment

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