SMS Cryptocurrency Wallet CoinText adds support for Dash and Litecoin


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SMS Cryptocurrency Wallet CoinText adds support for Dash and Litecoin


  • CoinText recently added support for LTC and Dash.
  • The service has initiated support only to BCH with the aim of facilitating the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies.

CoinText, a popular cryptocurrency SMS wallet service that only started to support cash bitcoins (BCH), recently added support for two new cryptocurrencies in Canada and the United States: litecoin (LTC) and dash.

According to a press release, CoinText allows users to instantly send cryptocurrency to anyone via a mobile number or a cryptographic address. Its goal is to help new users make it easier to send and receive cryptocurrency, as it is not necessary to download an app or register an account.

The founder of the company and lead developer, Vin Armani, said:

CoinText makes sending cryptocurrency as easy as sending a text message. It is a powerful tool for communities to spread the adoption of their cryptocurrency.

Although the service was launched exclusively on BCH in March of this year, it is now expanding to add more cryptocurrencies as an "agnostic currency", according to Armani. Despite the move, the founder of the service claimed to still see BCH as "the main contender to become money for the world".

Armani added that the ultimate goal of CoinText is to "allow people to use cryptocurrency as money." He justified the addition of LTC and dash instead of other cryptocurrencies while the communities of these cryptos "were asking for this service for a while".

To start using it, users in the United States and Canada will need to send a specific "START" number. The CoinText service on BCH is already available in 20 countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Chile and Australia.

According to the press release, the company may soon add other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins (BTC). The development comes at a time when BCH is taking over Bitmain, one of the main supporters of cashcoin, by presenting an initial public offering (IPO).

Although bitcoin money is on the rise, most of the other cryptocurrencies have had difficulty. Since CryptoGlobe covered an analyst he stated that it is a "matter of time" before the bitcoin falls below the $ 6,000 support that some claims are its foundation.

This is because peak cryptocurrency has failed to make higher highs every time it bounces off the $ 6,000 mark. This is considered a bearish signal by analysts. On the other hand some, such as Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, believe that the "bull market will return" at any time.

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