Six of the best cryptocurrency calendars

Six of the best cryptocurrency calendars

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The world of cryptocurrency is frenetic and packed, with a day passing when there is not a big event of some sort going down. From conferences to seminars and burns to launches, crypto-large and small events must be taken into account in the investment strategy and in the travel itinerary of cryptocurrency traders. We have assembled six of the best event trackers to not miss anything.

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Coinmarketcal It arose a year ago and is probably the best known site of its kind. Its quotation criteria are gradually refined to the extent that the data provided by the community are reasonably accurate and therefore reasonably useful. In addition to listing the general cryptocurrency events, Coinmarketcal allows visitors to filter by coins, category, exchange and date. With the Twitter and Telegram robots plus a newsletter, Coinmarketcal has all the bases and all the events covered.

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Perhaps in order to take revenge on Coinmarketcal that rips its name, the Coinmarketcap recently decided to borrow the entire business model of its near-by namesake. While Coinmarketcap & # 39; s event page it's rudimentary, it's perfect for keeping track of upcoming major blockchain conferences. A lack of care, however, means that viewers are forced to rely on the soundbites provided by the conference organizers, which ensures that each event is defined as the event of the year.


Kryptocal combines ICO lists with general news events and allows users to filter by categories such as launches, bounty programs, conferences, forks and meetings. If you want to find out what's going on in the land of Bitcoin Cash, for example, there's a page for what. Kryptocal can not compete with the number of adverts offered by Coinmarketcal, but it remains a well designed site that is a pleasure to browse.

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Cryptocalendar it's not as easy to see as some of the sites featured here, but it's able to provide a snapshot of the number and scope of events taking place globally on a given day. Its search function also works well, bringing you to a dedicated one event page for your favorite cryptocurrency.

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With so many sites with similar names, it's hard to try to distinguish the items in this list from each other. Coinscalendar it seems generic, but has several strings at the bow. For one thing, the number of coins and categories allows visitors to get extremely granular. If you've always wanted a cryptographic calendar that allows you to look for upcoming events related to the whitepaper, Coinscalendar is the one for you.

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Cryptographic dates

Cryptographic dates is a calendar generated by the user that will overlap with a selection of annual cryptocurrency dates in your Google Calendar. Also included are the activation day segwit, the free Ross day and the anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper. It is also available for iCal.

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BCH meetup positions as found on the events page

Finally, do not forget to check the events page on It provides detailed information on upcoming conferences and global Bitcoin Cash meetups where you can socialize with similarly minded cryptocurrent connoisseurs.

What is your favorite cryptocurrency calendar and the event list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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