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Sirin sends his first blockchain-enabled smartphone

Sirin Labs, based in Switzerland, plans to ship its first smartphone enabled for blockchain on Thursday; the device will offer users a safe way to access cryptocurrency exchanges, store their digital currency offline and exchange encrypted communications with other users.

Announced at the start of this year, Sirin's smartphone will be equipped with an integrated cryptographic portfolio to store bitcoins, Ethereum and other digital tokens, including Sirin's SRN token. The SRN token allows fast payments between blockchain network peers without the need to encrypt the extraction (also known as fiefless blockchain).

Sirin was able to raise more than $ 157 million in an initial coin offering for the Android-based Finney smartphone. The company also plans to release a blockchain-enabled PC. Both will run the Sirin open-source operating system, Sirin OS.

Finnish smartphone by Sirin Labs Sirin Labs

Smartphone enabled for Finin by Sirin Labs blockchain.

Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, said that blockchain-enabled smartphones target a small market niche in an attempt to differentiate themselves from a crowded smartphone market; they will probably not be profitable.

"The companies that are playing here are hoping that the cryptography market will take off and become a real payment method for the mass market," Gold said via email. "Frankly, I think it's wishful thinking, because I do not see this take off soon.

"There is no doubt that some people are interested in this (the real hypocritical crowd), but that a relatively small number of potential users will not create a profitable short-term market, especially with a $ 1K high-cost device" Gold said.

The Finney smartphone sells for $ 1,000. The Sirin proprietary operating system that runs is a derivative of the Android operating system, which means it offers users an 'Android experience, along with the Play Store and the apps it contains and supports.

"Of course, if you start managing your operating system, even if it is a derivative of Android, what does it mean for app compatibility?" Asked for gold

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